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Thrill Rides
Amusement Rides Human Gyroscope for Sale /Gyroscope / Human Gyroscope


Product Description



Gyroscope3M15m2 2.2KW0-10RPM1P or 2P or 4P or 6P
ApplicationAmusement Park, Fairground, Indoor and Outdoor Playground


Henan Tops Human Gyroscope Three-Dimensional Electric Space Ring(3D Spaceball)is an entertainment equipment evolved from the equipment for training of pilots and astronauts.

The players could enjoy the rotation of 360, and the speed could be quick or slow.

The Human Gyroscope could make you feel the special feelings of free three-dimensional rotation, relax yourself, strengthen your body, while at the same time, bring you great fun. 

It is an sport for the brave, and also a sport with safety guaranteed.

The free three-dimensional rotation, the fun and the colorful equipment apprearance make people crazy about it.


This gyroscope rides is comprised of 3 steel rings + 1row seats + 1motor, the seats could be designed as face to face  or back to back, the seats can be 1seat or 2seats or 4seats or 6seats, it could be for kids and adults.


Our different seats for your reference:

Seat 1: is our regular seat configuration

Seat 2: is our new seat configuration

Seat 3: is luxury seat configuration

FYR, according to previous records, the customers for this train mainly use on the fields as amusement park, shopping mall, plaza, tourism spot, zoo, parks, other similar fairgriund.  


Bellow is our manufacturing for 2seats face to face design human gyroscope.



Bellow is our manufacturing for 4seats back to back design human gyroscope



Bellow is our basic HOT SELLING 6seats back to back human gyroscope



Bellow is our NEW LOOK 6seats back to back human gyroscope



Bellow is our Special 1seat gyroscope and double ring gyroscope





Bellow is our package and loading for the human gyscope



Packaging & Shipping


FRP parts are carefully wrapped by non-woven fabric and plastic film.
Steel parts are rust-proof painted and carefully wrapped by plastic film.

Loading:1X20ft Container

We can arrange the shippment to you at the lowest cost to any ports all over the world. If you want to know the present cost and the tendency , please send inquiry to us with your nearest port name.

packing loading 1.jpg

Our Services


We also provide various equipments as bellow:

Disco Tagada            Roller Coaster          Frog Jumping           Samba Balloon       Big Swing,  

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Ferris Wheel              Human Gyroscope   Self-control Plane     Bumper Cars          Flying carpet,

Other Indoor and Outdoor Rides.


Advantages: large factory, offering you a competitive price; senior technicians,professional designs and installation service


Experience: specialized in exporting to different regions, such as Australia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, France, Greece, Thailand, South Africa, Mexico, Chile ;


Design: customized design, OEM  


Effciency: always deliver on time


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Company Information


TOPS Factory:


In total 3 factory branches, manufacturing experience more then 12 years.

Our official factory: New established from old factories, working on family rides and kiddie rides, which is 3000 square meters with 300 square meters show room. with 1000 squre meters workshop and professional FRP making workshop and paiting room. 

Our old factories: 2 palces still on working for some major rides. Very near with the new factory.


TOPS Exports Office:


Professional and efficient for pre-sale consulting, pricing offer, after-sale service.

Rich experienced internation transportation of truck, train, sea vessel and air.


Hope there is a chance you can come visit us for better communication, thank you.

Or now may you would like send us an inquiry for pre-order selection. :-)



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