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Why Choose Us?

     Leading Induction Heating Machine Manufacturer in China !    


   l 100% payment protection and USD100,000 warrantee by Alibaba.

   l Strict quality checking standard according ISO9001:2008.

   l With all frequency machine series, also can customized.

   l All machines continuously 48 hours testing before shipment.

   l Perfect pre and after-sale service and long term technical supporting.



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Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Induction Heater (JL-15/25)




Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Commercial Induction Heater


Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Induction Heater (JL-15/25)




Product Description

Main characteristics

  • Adoping MOSFGT and IGBT inverting device, tracking frequency automatically.

  • High frequency, heated quickly, its powei consumption is only 20%~30% of eletronic tube induction heating machine and other heating style. 

  • Security and reliability, the equipments have the secure voltage and it's secure to operate.

  • Manual, automatic regulating automatically, it can protect itself from over voltage, over current, lack of water, phase fail, over hot, etc.

  • It has no open-fire, noise and pollution, be suit for the environmental protection and fire, improve the image of the company.

  • Recommend usage: Weld, forging, hot cooperate, melting, quenching, anneat etc.


Technical Parameters




Input power desire

Single phase 220V  50/60HZ

3 phase 380V 50/60HZ

Oscillate power max



Max input current



Oscillate frequency



Cooling water desire

>0.2MPa  2-6L/Min

>0.2MPa  2-6L/Min

Duty cycle

100% 40°C

100% 40°C




Net weight



Cable length




Heating Principle


Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Induction Heater (JL-15/25)     The principle of high frequency induction heating is that apply high frequency alernating current to a conduct that is curled to  cyclic (normally copper tube) to produce flux, then put the metal to this area to make the flux to run through it, and eddy current will be generated in the deriction of self-capturing with flux(rotary current), the induced current then generates heat under  the influence of the eddy current, so this heating method is called induction heating. hence, metal and other objects under heated can be heated without contact. at this moment, the character of the eddy current relies in that the induction heating on the object nearby the coil is outwardly strong but inwardly weak. with this principle. this heating body can be concentratedly heated where needed to achieve instantly effect, thereby the production output and work capacity are both improved.


Main Parts Introduction: 

  • Germany SIEMENS INFINEON IGBT Module. ( 40-60KHZ oscillation frequency, fast response time, superhigh stability, almost spatter-free welding )

  • Japan Nichicon electrolytic capacitor. ( filter capacitor )

  • Imported transistor integrated block.

  • All water pipe use thermostabilityHigh pressure resistance best quality material.

  • Main card, signal circuit, drive circuit board,control circuit board and components are adopted:Toshiba, Hitachi,Motorola, China's top manufacturers. 

  • International advanced all-solid-state semiconductor power devices.

  • Technical advantage:perfect control, alarm display circuit, getting full automatic tracking frequency, continuous adjustable power, safe dependable protection,clear and accuracy data display and etc.

  • Superiority Advantages: fast heating, wide application, small size, easy installation, simple operation, low power consumption, high efficiency.

Machine Photo

 Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Induction Heater (JL-15/25)


Application Showcase


1.  Heating & Forging: small rod, plate and billet heating forging for blacksmith, wrought iron etc.Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Induction Heater (JL-15/25)


2. Induction Brazing Welding Soldering

     Brazing is a fusion and solidification process which refers to the use of magnetic field induction heating to make the temperature of metal materials junction reach the melting point of welding, or the temperature of metal materials to reach between nonmetallic material. Such as metal tube, metal joint, carbide saw blade, carbide tips etc.

Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Induction Heater (JL-15/25)


3. Melting: small amount metal melting, such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass, steel, iron etc.

Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Induction Heater (JL-15/25)


Working Video, for your reference.

Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Induction Heater (JL-15/25)


Packaging & Shipping

 Packing List:


Name of machine or parts




JL-15/25 Induction Heater


1 pc


Foot pedal 

3 core

1 pc


Induction Coils


2 sets


Instruction Manual


1 pc


Product catalog


2 sets

 Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Induction Heater (JL-15/25)



Company Information

    Dongguan Jinbenlai Electromechanical Device Co.,Ltd founded in 1996, be the first listed company in the induction heating industry in 2015 at Qianhai Equity Trading Center, which is engaged in R&D, production and sale of solid Induction heating machine professionally.

    Our machines are widely applied in metal heating, brazing, melting, forging, heat treatment, hardening, annealing, shrink fitting and so on, from 3kw to 1500kw deliverable output power with 0.5KHZ to1.1MHZ operating frequency range. 

All our products are divided into four major series according to the frequency.

  • Ultrahigh Frequency series (JLCG): 100KHZ-1.1MHZ 

  • High Frequency series (JL): 30KHZ-100KHZ

  • Super-audio Frequency (JLC): 10KHZ-30KHZ

  • Medium Frequency (JL): 0.5KHZ-20KHZ

Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Induction Heater (JL-15/25)



Our Services

Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Induction Heater (JL-15/25)



Pre-sale service:

  • Recommend the most suitable machine for customersaccording to their requirements. 

  • Inquiry and consulting support. 

  • Sample testing support. 

  • View our Factory.

In-sale service:

  • Strictly manufacture the machineaccording to relevant technical standards.

  • Take run testaccording to relevant equipment test run regulations.

  • Strictly check up the machine, before delivery

  • Delivery on time.

After-sale service:

  • 12 months warranty period

  • Within one year free warranty, any fault caused by non-artificial reason, any quality problems such as design, manufacture, or procedure occurs, Jinlai shall provide replacement parts after detecting the faults.

  • If any big quality problems occurs out of the guarantee period, Jinlai will send maintenance

  • Technician to provide visiting service after checking with the customer and charge for a favorable price. 

  • Jinlai will provide a lifetime favorable price to the buyer with the materials and spare parts used in system operation, equipment maintenance.

  • The above mentioned are only basic after-sale service requirements, we will make more promises related to quality assurance and operation guarantee mechanism.





High Frequency

High Frequency Series (30-100KHZ)

Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Induction Heater (JL-15/25)




How to order ?


      1) Kindly tell us your details job requirement, for heating? Brazing? Melting? Forging? Hardening, Annealing? Or ?


      2) Confirm the details, then professionally advise you most suitable machine, send the offer to you with all details.


      3) Confirm the order and invoice.


      4) Receiving your payment, start production. (3-5days)


      5) Express/ Air shipment (3-5days) or Sea shipment. (15-30days)


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Hot Sale Factory Price Bearing Magnetic Induction Heater (JL-15/25)

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