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Professional Riley snooker tables made in China


1.2 cm thickness Steel Cushion, Original UK Northern rubber, 6811 New Gold club cloth; Best real leather pocket with a brass corner, 45mm 5-piece slate,                           

Cushion: Solid wood with Laminated Wilsonart fireproof wood.                                   

All other parts solid wood.

Standard Accessories:

Aramith Tournament Champion Ball                       

Four LP Three-piece cues                        

cue hook           

wave hook                 

10 piece tip                     

2 piece chalk  

Electric mark boar

Long stick & Long rest cue        

Two Rest cues with cross                              




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Customer feedback

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Snooker Table

Snooker Table:

Snooker Table.jpgXJ-12FT-SR2 (2).jpgSnooker Table Wiraka model.jpg 

Company Information

The Xingjue Billiards manufacturer was founded in 2005 by Mr. Jiang, Now we have a 800 square meters showroom, 2 building factories in Shenzhen City, Guang Dong Province.

In 2015, Xingjue Signed The World Champion Kelly Fisher as our brand spokesperson, and we sponsored CBSA CHINA SNOOKER YOUTH SERIES competitions for years.

After years of brand Promotion and hardworking, Now Xingjue is a famous brand in China and customers from more than 50 countries

We specialized in manufacturing American Pool Table, Chinese 8 ball Table, Snooker Table, and also a one-stop solution for a billiard game room and home market, with various billiard accessories like pool room Chair, cue cabinet, LED light, chalk, tip and so on, and soccer table, air hockey table, coin pool table.

we have never lost sight of striving to meet our customer's needs. From purchasing a new machine, selecting the best suitable material, designing new models, holding various competitions, selling at a moderate price, It is our pledge that the Xingjue billiards will work hard to earn your business, striving to provide our customers with the highest quality products and top-notch customer service.


We have earned a reputation for our commitment and loyalty by building TRUSTED Long-term relationships.

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