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Portable folding advertising retractable trade show canopy tent for sale



Roll up


 Folding tent

Tension fabric


Table throw


We manufacture quality canopy tent for advertising, can be used for branding and marketing like for advertising, trade show, event, promotion, campaigns, sports, exhibition, parking lots, roads, beach.


No limited to colors
Can print vivid image
No limited to the quantity, MOQ: 1piece
Can match Pantone C color as your demand
100% QC inspection!


Artwork Requirements:
Format: JPG, PDF, AI, PSD etc.
Sizes: as the template or as your request
Color: CMYK
Resolution: no less than 72dpi at full size
We can provide template for design, or we can send you proof for your approval if can provide us your logo.


Folding Tent
FS-TSF-1150*150*340Alu/Iron + Oxford Fabric

Can do other custom size.

Waterproof, Sunproof, Stable, Light, Easy to carry, Quality Guarantee





For the walls/panels, we can do double side print and single side print. 


As we print your artwork on white polyester, so that if single side, the other side will be white color; If double side, we will print on 2 pcs polyester and then stitch them together. And if double side, the price will be double of the single one.

Heat Transfer Dye sublimation printing is the major technology used in our fabric and textile printing.This technology allows us to produce high quality custom fabric prints at cost effective prices and on very short lead times. It is very good for custom feather flags,custom teardrop flags,custom printed canopy and flag banners.


Regarding printing method, if small quantity or complicated images banners, we print the banner graphic by heat transfer dye sublimation, which is major printing technology used in our fabric and textile printing, this is digital printing way, can print any design with full color.


And if the design is simple, and big quality, we use CMYK silkscreen printing, can save cost, the price can be much lower.


The differences between Iron frame and Aluminum frame:

1.Iron frame is cheap and strong, better cost performance, just it may rust after the painting peel off.

2.Aluminum frames are strong and never rust, better looking, high grade.

3.The same frame can be made in different weights to meet different needs.

4.Square tube and hexagonal tube are both available for Iron frame or aluminum frame.

5.It can be customized in any color if big quantity.


For this Aluminum heavy duty tent, we have 2 popular frame, 50mm tube tent and 40mm tube tent, 50mm tube one is more durable, can be used for many years.


40mm tube one also good quality and most popular.
It just depends on your situation how many years you want to use the tent.


Optional parts for folding tent:


Each item above is optional as your situation.

1) Kindly please let us know which frame type tent is better for your situation?
2) Which wall/panels do you need? how many pcs? and single side print or double?
3) Do you need the wheel bag, ground pin and sand bag? ( At normal weather situation, the tent is table without the pin and sand bag)
4) What’s the shipping address with post code? we will also check the freight for you.


We have provided quality products and good service to more than 200 different countries and areas, and we always get good feedback from our clients.



Nice feedback from our clients:



Tent tips:


1. Read the instructions carefully before installing it, to avoid affecting the performance of product because of improper installation.

2. Avoid sharp scratches on the tent, which will affect the performance of product.

3. After the tent is used, all spare parts should be collected for reuse.

4. The weight on each tent frame shall not exceed 100kg when the stack is piled up.

5. Handle with care when carry the tent, and prevent the outer packaging from being damaged, so as not to lose the accessories.

6. If the appliance is used in a tent, please note that the wire and the iron frame should be well insulated, otherwise there is danger of electric shock.

7. Before setting up a tent, you must carefully survey the terrain. There should be no rolling stones, rolling wood and weathered rocks above the camp.

8. Do not build tents near river banks and dry river beds during the rainy season.

9. For lightning protection, do not build the tent on the top of the mountain or in the open field.

10. When installing on mud or sand, you can dig the drainage ditch around to ensure the dryness of the ground inside the canopy.

11. The fabric used for the tents are not flame retardant. If you need to cook in the tent, be sure to keep the flame away from the tent cloth or use a fireproof board to isolate the flame. You should not leave the tent, usually prepare the fire extinguishing and install the exhaust fan to remove oil fume.

12. If weather forecast said the local wind will exceed level 8 or above, please take back the tent in advance.

13. Before storing the tent, be sure to dry the tent cloth, and then fold it back and store it. If it is too late to dry the tent cloth, remember that it must not be stored for a long time to avoid coloring or mildew.

14. Depending on the local humidity and climate, dry the tent cloth regularly to avoid bacterial growth or damage the tent's rain-proof coating.


We can print and make different banners.

11 Popular Banners

For more information on our other products please contact us:

Mobile: +86 186 2180 8626          Email:info@favoshow.com

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