Пневматический пистолет для ногтей woodpecker пневматические плоскогубцы свиных колец с кольцом

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woodpecker Pneumatic nail gun Pneumatic Hog Ring Pliers Air C Ring Nail Gun for cage
Product Description


Features and Benefits:

1.it is the ideal tool for spring mattresses an.d bag closure.

2.it's drives 15gauge c-ring that wrap up to about 7.8mm

3.it's compatible with the Stanley BOSTITCH System.

4.it'seasily to operate.

5.comfortable ergonomic rubber handle.

6.light weight and well balanced.



Dimension: 33x9x22cm


Air pressure:4-7kg/cm2

Fitting tuble:6mm



  (1).jpg (2).jpg (2).png (3).jpg



a.Indepent packed in bags spring mattress

b.car seat assemblies


d.Wire mesh closure

e.pet animal cage facture,the meshy structure buckles tightly.

Packaging & Shipping


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    My company Dezhou Decheng Yuancheng Poultry Equipment Factory had been in Poultry filed more than 8 Years, our company produce: Incubators, Poultry pluckers. poultry feeders and drinkers, poultry nipple drinker, and other poultry equipments. We always Take QUALITY and SERVICE are the best Importand for trade. 

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