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Giant Pin Art Installation Makes You Go Pin Up



And this giant Pin Art toy is suitable for FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT .

What is Pin art ?

“consists of a boxed surface made of a crowded array of pins that are free to slide in and out independently in a screen to create a three-dimensional relief.”


Based on the concept of pixels on a video monitor, our giant pin screen uses thousands of injection molded pins to create a detailed representation of most any object. This intuitive giant pin screen allows guests to create images of themselves or other objects simply by touching it. This effortless interface encourages playful creativity from guests of all ages. 


Durable for heavy use

Spare pins and caps included

Choice of available pin colors

Choice of available surface colors


Below are some examples of pin art being used in the public space without digital interaction but tactile interaction:





It’s one of those epic gadgets (or toys rather) that we have all at some point toyed with. We used to press our hands, a bag or whatever we could towards those pins to make a cool pattern on the other side.

 You will be amazed that the pin art screen that spread such joy around the world when it was first introduced in a public area. I think there are still people out there who find the giant toy for kids and adults and family and friends is quite interesting, and if I had one, I am sure I would switch the “pattern” out once a day just as a meditative procedure. Well, time flies, im now a mother of 2 kids, and the small pin screen toy of yesterday become the retro giant screen art toy of today, and some people just don’t seem to be able to let go of them----Because, we all have a little kid inside of us, i think.

I guess that is a good thing because when creative people can’t let go, they always come up with something oddly amazing.  Just like the above giant pin screen toy which was placed on the street for everyone to have a go at. It was a promotional contest for a famous brand latest fashion line. It’s basically a huge pin art gadget that any average human can press whatever he or she feels is appropriate into, and in the process, create a pattern for everyone to check out.

 It is a huge hit, and pretty much everyone who walks by gets the urge to try it out. Some are of course more daring than others; however, the patterns are always amusing and creative. Do you hope more artists will take a try and create interactive life size pin screen toy out of them. It’s the ultimate connector, and it is sure to engage a lot of people. Interaction is getting more and more important in our life to relax us and involve family and friends together, this giant toy seems to be born in the right direction. What do you think ?


Product NamePin Art Toys Pin Screen Board, Creative 3D Impression Pin Toys for Sales
Materials PP, PE,ABS
packing QTYas actual
player ageat any age if you like to play.
Play ActivityDIY pin impression 3D




 1 Year 
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