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amusement arcade Coin operated grabbing toy game machine supplier claw crane machine
2017 To Catch Candy Toys Key Master Push Claw Stuffed Animals Plush Vending Machine Small Plastic Craw Crane Mini Toy

Model NO.:EP-G042
Size:L118*W116*H226 CM
Power: 110W
Player:1 Player

Product name
Big Crazy Toy 2
12 months Warranty
Place of origin

1. Luxury plastic chassis, plastic + high-grade hardware + fire board, tempered glass body, the appearance of fine fashion.
2. Fashion acrylic control panel, LCD screen, rocker crystal, bright button convenient and simple, the overall beautiful and
3. Export power, long life, safe leakage, power output is stable, easy to burn, the use of safe and secure, durable and safe.
4. Eye system, gift mouth with light eye system, the effective record of the number of export gifts.
5. Anti-shake balancer, when the machine shakes, the machine will stop the game run, effectively prevent customers by shaking the body to get gifts.

Newest version of cutting prize machine concept Simple playing way, refuse complicated Bigger prize display, upgraded appearance
Design like shop window, improve game center image
children's skills,With lottery and

Other Vending Machines of Claw/Key/Scissor/Video

cCan customized High quality cranes kits High income every month.To reach the corresponding lottery can be exchanged, and another mysterious award for bait. Can work for high and low revolution game board; Easy to operate and handle, coin

Guangzhou EPARK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading company in Manufacturing & Selling arcade game machine and advertising machine in and abroad China. With R&D, manufacture and sales of amusement equipment, at the same time, we offer OEM and ODM service.
Our advantage products are: Virtual Reality,Toy Crane Game Machine, Basketball Game Machine, Boxing Game Machine, Racing Games,Shooting Games, Air Hockey Table, customized game machine,Other Arcade Games and so on.

Customized made design and stable game system Lovely and attractive performance by LED light shining Scissors can cut off ropes for more than 100,000 timesThe prize rate for each position is adjustable Chinese and English tunable

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