Внешняя Строительная фасадная панель из магния, огнестойкая панель MgO

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Product Description

Wellyoung Exterior Building Facade Panel (also called mgo board, Magnesium Oxide board, mgo panels and so on) is a new greem building material, with properties that give advantages in many construction structures. MGO BOARD contributes to a more efficient, profitable, environmentally and health-friendly construction production. It has excellent fire and sound properties, sensitive to moisture, very shock-resistant and produced entirely without environmentally and health-hazardous raw materials. This board is very easy to process, and can be advantageously cut and broken as a plasterboard.




Wellyoung brand MGO BOARD is mainly made of magnesium oxide, magnesium sulphate or magnesium chloride, perlite and wood fiber. As reinforcement, Wellyoung is using the high quality alkaline glass fiber mesh in the boards. Production takes place through a process, where water is added to the material and the curing takes place naturally without heat supply or other processing. This production ensures minimal energy consumption and a very low impact on the environment.











Density 950-1100kgs/m3
Fire ratingGrade A(GB8624)
Incombustible at 800dge, no flame at 1200deg
  Bending Strength                e<6                     >25Mpa
        6mm≤e10mm            >16Mpa
                 e>10                   >12Mpa
Chlorine content  <0.3%
Water content <8%
Anti-HalogenationCondensated water and halogenation is invisiable
Eco-friendly100% non asbestos
Shrinkage rate<0.3%
Swelling rate<0.6%
Thermal conductivity 0.132W/m k
Put outforce of nails

     e<6                  >12N/M

 6mme10mm       >20N/MM
       e>10                >15N/MM


Benefits & Advantages:

MgO Board is fire resistant, it has a “zero” flame spread and smoke developed rating.
MgO Board is water resistant. When submerged completely in water for extended periods of time, it has no dimensional changes.
MgO Board is mould and mildew resistant.
MgO Board will save on labour and material costs and therefore also save on the overall time of projects.
MgO Board is made of a mineral product and will therefore reduce allergies and will be conducive to cleaner homes, offices and other environments.
MgO Board has no chemicals in its formula and some of the ingredients are found in vitamins and minerals we take everyday.
MgO Board has good performance on acoustic.
MgO Board has good performance on thermal insulation.
MgO Board is a eco-friendly and green building material.
MgO Board is 100% recyclable.
MgO Board has good weatherability characteristics. It has been subject to some of the toughest testing being conducted on building materials today and has passed with good results.
MgO Board is quite stable. When subjected to temperature changes it does not expand or contract much.
MgO Board is impervious to insects including termites and sugar ants, as it is inedible.
MgO Board is an easy-to-install product.
MgO Board has excellent strength characteristics.
MgO Board is non-toxic, free of carcigens and contains no silica.









Product Range

Thickness: 3mm-20mm
Standard size: 915*2135mm, 1220*2440mm, 1200*2700mm, 1200*3000mm

(other sizes are available by cutting)

Edge: Square, Beveled, Tapered, Shiplap, Tongue and Groove


Quality: Stanard quality, Premium quality, Subfloor board quality









Intertek Test




  • Suspended ceilings – 6 mm

  • Paneling of exterior walls, under bay space and balconies – 10 mm

  • Lining of interior walls – 6 mm

  • Construction of self-supporting wall structures and partitions – 10 mm

  • Roofs and insulation under tiles or waterproof materials for flat roofs – 10-12 mm

  • Formwork – more than 18 mm (after consulting the engineers/builders)

  • Subflooring board - 20mm




Packaging & Shipping

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