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Bathtub for Adults

Bathtub for Adults

The plastic bathtub is stable and compact, perfect for those who have small bathrooms and not enough space for a regular bathtub. The entire bathtub holds about 200 liters of water, but when you sit inside it is enough to have it half full. And then you will still get the pleasant water up to your upper body and over your knees! Besides, you get a little basket that can hold your shampoo or something nice to drink. Once you are done bathing, it is easy to drain the basin with the included drain hose. Surely you see that this basin is a dream for anyone who likes baths!

Details on Bathtub for Adults.

1. Enjoy a relaxing bath in a compact bath basin for adults!

2. Perfect for anyone who does not have space for a regular bathtub
3. Practical handle to facilitate moving when the basin is empty
4. Basket to store soap or similar items includes, measures: 123 x 52x 58 cm
5. The basin is somewhat larger at the top than at the bottom, top measures: 86 x 52 cm, bottom: 77 x 44 cm
6. Height: 68 cm
7. Weight: approx. 5 kg
8. Material: polypropylene plastic
9. Holds approximately 100 liters when you are sitting inside, 200 liters without a person inside
10. Drain hose included, approximately 103 cm long
11. Cleaning: wipe off with a damp cloth and dish detergent
12. Recommended maximum length and weight for best bathing experience: approx. 185 cm, 95 kg



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