Самый популярный в Европе геодезический купол садовый Igloo со стеклом для семейной и дружеской вечеринки (62025456607)

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Описание и отзывы


Most Popular in Europe Geodesic Dome Garden Igloo with Glass for Family and Friend Party

Most people do not have too much time for party with family and friends,because it costs too much time and money,imagine that,you can have happy times every weekend with them,you just need a glass geodesic dome house or garden igloo, pay bitter, more enjoyable, easy to be set up and rebuild. Perhaps, set the glass dome up can also give you much more funny. Try it and RAXTENT will do for you.

Product Description

1, What’s the specification & technical data of the dome tent?

glass igloo 7.jpg


glass igloo 8.jpg


glass igloo 9.jpgglass igloo 10.jpg


6M diameter ,ceiling height 3.5M,floor area 28.26 SQM

Structure Material

Stainless steel tube / steel coated white tube / hot-dip galvanized steel tube / aluminum alloy pipe

Wind Load

100 km/h (0.5KN/sqm)

Dome Weight & Package

6m dome weight 300kg 0.8 cubes, 8m dome 550kg with 1.5cubes, 10m dome 650kg with 2 cubes, 12m dome 1000kg with 3cubes, 15m dome 2T with 6 cubes, 30m dome 11T with 23 cubes, 50m dome 20T with 59 cubes…

Delivery Time

15-20 days according to the design and schedule

Shipping Time

About 30-35 days according to the way of shipment

 Contact for more, add whatsapp directly: +86 13822115092.

2,What's the Display of the Dome?

glass igloo 12.jpg

glass igloo 13.jpg 3, What's the cover of the Dome?

Cover material: PVC Cover,which is waterproof,UV-resistance,fire resistance,etc. glass feature.jpg


Install & Package

4,How to build and fix the dome?

Because the dome itself is very heavy, so the basement is enough to fix the whole dome, if needed, we usually the expansion screw, weight plate and long tail to fix the dome. Some extra accessory as below:

fix the dome.png

5,How to package the dome?

 Aluminum frame of the dome tent will be packed with membrane film.Stainless steel tube and steel tube will be packed with steel pallet.Glass door and tempered glass will be packed with wooden box.PVC fabric will be packed with PVC carry bag. Other customized package will be OK.

package and transportation.png

Product Use&Quality

6,Do you have more domes for option? 

more domes0.jpg

 7,What's the application of the domes?

Dome tent is widely applied for outdoor wedding and party, ceremony, musical festival, beer event and carnival; commercial tour and road show, all large sports competition event and outdoor sports gym; 360D planetarium projection, glorious camping, outdoor restaurant, greenhouse. 


8, What's included in geodesic dome garden igloo?

Usually, you need a wooden platform ot steel platform to make the dome higher from the ground, inside of  the dome, you need beds, LED lights, carpet, tables, bathroom, etc..

inside dome house.png

9,Do you have certification?

The monthly basic production capacity can reach 20000Sqm,the annual prodution capacity can reach 300000Sqm,and the tarpaulin flame retardant standard confirms to the European DIN4102 B1 and M2 standards.The anti-snow pressure and the load performance have been tested by the national first-level registered structural engineer.

20m geodesic dome tent 14.jpg


customer and contact

Raxtent domes have been exported to over 120 countries in the global,including American,United states,Australia,Brazil,Canada,Chile,Colombia,Croatia,France,Germany,India,Indonesia,Lebanon,and so on.

glass igloo 11.jpg


How to contact for more?

Send Your Inquiry Details in the BelowClick "send"NOW!

Our company

 8,What about RAXTENT?

RAXTENT is over 11 years international Tent manufacturer which providing the super-quality tents design-production-sales-installation-after sales service one-stop service for customers both in and abroad.

Specializing in producing Dome Tent / Glass Dome Tent / Aluminum Marquee Tent / Folding Tent/ Inflatable / Customized Structure Tent, etc, which for all kinds of outdoor projects like wedding solution, event solution, party solution, exhibition solution, sports solution, warehousing solution, etc, as well as aluminum and steel structures.

RAXTENT is  the only one who both made and built the 50m & 80m diameter dome tent successfully as the pioneering designer and manufacturer in the global.The structure has won the Grade-certificateconformity from China Construction Institution.

company cultrue1.jpg 


Q1: Does the tent is easy to install? Do you provide installation instruction?

A:   Actually the tent is not hard to install and we also provide installation instruction for you.

       If necessary, the engineer will go abroad to guide the installation.

Q2. Can the size of the display be customized?

A:  YES.We have our own factory and technical team,Welcom to visit our factory.

      most of the products size can be customized.

      Just tell us and the suggestion will be provided by our professional engineers.

Q3: How long will the tent using for and is it can be repaired?

A:    Of course,it can.

       we warranty about 1 year and It always can be used more than 15 years.

Q4. Which way do you ship?

A:   Shipping by express, by air & by sea depends on demand.

       Worldwide shipping service are available.

Q5. Can you help with my design?

A:    Yes, please send us original pictures & words in document and describe

        your promotion aims in details.Design charge will be USD 20.00/pc.

Q6, What’s the material of the domes?

We are dome manufacturer,always focus on researching and designing domes. The material of the dome can be PVC domes,Glass domes,Transparent domes,stainless steel domes,hot-dip galvanized domes,etc..

Q7,What’s the material of the frame?

Dome Frame Material can be Steel coated white tube or Stainless steel tube or Hot-dip Galvanized tube, Aluminum alloy frame,PVC pipe,you can choose anyone.

Q8,What are the domes used for?

Domes can be widely used in many industries,usually,small domes such as 6m,8m,10m,is good for residence,glamping,family resort,hotel,camping,grass party,café house,etc.,larger domes such as 15m,20m,25m,35m,40m,50m,80m,is perfect for big events,banquet,cocktail,party,projection,festival,celebration,music show,trade show,car show,etc.. 

 Contact for more, add whatsapp directly: +86 13822115092.


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