Заводской поставщик, пластиковые одноразовые статические смесители для эпоксидной смолы

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Product Description

The mixing tube is a product applied in multi-fluid agitation, which is composed of a series of upper, lower, left and right rotating blades, which are arranged in a vertical arrangement in a casing. It does not need to be driven by external force; only continuous cutting and recombination is carried out when the fluid itself passes through the mixer, and two or more materials are converted into a homogeneous mixture.


The square static mixing tube is an improved, economical and durable product based on the circular static mixing tube. Its principle is composed of the upper, lower and left and right blades arranged in sequence. When two or more fluids pass through each of the blades, Will be cut into 4 parts, while the circular static mixing tube can only cut the fluid into 2 parts, so it is twice the mixing uniformity of the circular static mixing tube, so that the fluid mixing is more uniform, because its blades are Naturally ordered arrangement, so the resistance of the square static mixing tube is also at least one-third smaller than that of the circular static mixing tube, which reduces the driving force of the external force and achieves a good effect. After stopping with a square static mixing tube, the amount of liquid remaining in the square static mixing tube will be less than one-third less than that of the circular static mixing tube, reducing the cost of raw materials, so the square static mixing tube can be reduced. The waste of raw materials and the reduction of external force drive can increase the mixing effect of raw materials, thereby reducing the defect rate of products and improving production efficiency.


The working principle of the static mixer is to let the fluid flow in the pipeline to impact various types of plate components, increase the velocity gradient of the fluid laminar flow or form turbulence, and the laminar flow is "split-position movement-reconvergence", when turbulent, In addition to the above three conditions, the fluid also produces a sharp eddy current in the cross-section direction, and a strong shearing force acts on the fluid to further divide and mix the fluid, and finally mix to form the desired emulsion. The so-called "static" mixer means that there are no moving parts in the pipe, only static components.

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Our Service

1. OEM Manufacturing is welcome. 

2. Sample order is accepted.
3. We will reply you for your inquiry within 24 hours.
4. After shipping, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products. 
5. When you got the goods, test them, and give me a feedback.If you have any questions about the problem, contact with us, we will offer the solution for you.
6. The warranty of our products is 1 year.



Q1. What is your packaging terms?
Usually, we package our products in color boxes and brown cartons. Provide a reasonable minimum order quantity of OEM services. If you have a legally registered patent, we can package the item into your brand box after receiving your authorization. The cost depends on the quantity.

Q2. What is your payment terms?
Western Union, T/T and Paypal are 100% advanced before sending the product. If you need additional terms, please discuss with our sales staff.

Q3. What is your shipping terms?
EXW. If you need additional terms, please discuss with our sales staff.

Q4. How is your delivery time?
In general, the number of 100 sets or less is only 2-10 working days. The exact delivery time depends on the model of the material, the stock of the material and the quantity of the order.

Q5. What is your sample policy?
We do not have a minimum order quantity for sample orders. And the sample order can enjoy the fastest lead time only one day after receiving the payment.

Q6. Do you test all the goods before delivery?
Yes, we performed 100% testing before delivery and all products were tested for at least 48 hours to ensure good quality.

Q7. How do you make our business a long-term and good relationship?
1. We maintain good quality and competitive prices to ensure customer benefits;
2. We respect each customer as our friend, we do business in good faith, make friends with them,
No matter where they come from.

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