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Product Description


Impaling clips are used to easily attach Acoustic Panels (703 /705 Board) to walls. Each clip has 8 spikes that stick into the fiberglass panel backing and hold the panel in place. The dimensions of the clips are 2-1/8" x 1-1/2". The impaling clips are installed on the wall by either 1 drywall screw (not included) or attached with adhesive (Multi-Seal 180). 4-6 impaling clips are recommended per standard 2' x 4' panel making sure one impaling clip is placed in each corner. For panel applications requiring an air gap, wood spacer blocks can be installed between the acoustic panel mounting hardware and the drywall to keep the panel spaced off of the wall.

Size: 1-1/2″ x 2″
Depth: 5/8″
Impaling Clip 8 prong with center hole Size: 1-1/2 in. x 2-1/8 in.
Composition: Extruded metal
Intended use: To be used in conjunction with construction adhesive when installing fiberglass acoustical panels.
Packing: Box of 100

1. Determine the location of your panel and have one person hold it up in place while the other person makes a light mark on the wall to show all 4 corners.

2. Attach 4 Impaling Clips approx 3" off each corner edge and an optional 2 more impaling clips 3" in from the edge of the center of the panel. Acoustic panel mounting hardware should be screwed into the studs, so moving the clips a little to hit a stud is recommended. If screwing into a stud is not possible, use a drywall anchor type screw to ensure a proper hold.

3. For permanent placement, use adhesive on the wall to stick the back of the panel to the wall (adhesive such as Multi-Seal 180 is recommended).

Packing & Delivery

Package of Impaling Clip

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Q:For your timber connector, what's material will be used?

A: Our commonly used materials are DX51D-Z275 galvanized sheet for this product (We also accept custom material service and purchase materials according to customer's requirement.)

Q:What's the thickness of your product?
A: In general,our Nail plates are likely to be in thickness of 1 mm . IN view of we are factories, we provide customized service to our customers such as 2 mm, 2.5 mm and 3 mm We can do the production according to the customers' reasonable requirements.

Q: How many years has your factory been in the field of wooden building fittings? How about the machines and equipment?
A: We have been in this field for 15 years, and we have 5 engineers, 10 technicians, and 120 employees; We have a variety of stamping machine equipment, punch tons of a variety of types, can meet the needs of customers;This year we have expanded the new plant and the building. The building has been put into use and the construction area has reached 5000 square meters, We warmly welcome you to visit our factory and establish a cooperative relationship with you.

Q: Can you make the complete set of wooden construction fittings? 

A: Of course, we can produce a full set of wooden construction metal fittings, If I have the chance, I'd like to invite you to visit our production workshop and samples.

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