Обезболивающая лазерная терапия 980/лазер для лечения грибка ногтей/Лазерная варикозное расширение вен цена

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How does the Laser Spider Veins Removal Work?
A precise dose of light is pulsed through a special hand piece to the targeted vein or red skin area during laser spider vein removal treatments. The absorbed light causes the treated blood vessel to be sealed off, resulting in the vein to be absorbed and cleared through the body's natural healing system over time

Is Laser Spider Veins Removal Painful?
Any discomfort varies from patient to patient and is dependent on the depth of the treatment. Some patients have compared the sensation to a rubber band snap against the skin. There is no need for anesthesia during your spider vein removal treatment and there is no post treatment discomfort.

How many Laser Spider vein Removal Treatments will I need?
Normally only one laser spider vein removal treatment is necessary, however in some cases several treatment sessions are needed for optimal results. The number of laser spider vein removal treatments varies depending on the patient's needs.

What should I expect after my Laser Spider Vein Removal Treatment at AH Laser Aesthetics?
There is virtually no recovery time associated with your laser spider vein removal treatment and you may resume an active lifestyle almost immediately. There may be temporary color changes to your skin or temporary redness, but these results should subside shortly after treatments. It is important to avoid sun exposure post laser spider vein removal treatment and use of a sun block with at least SPF 15 in necessary when outdoors. Any further instructions will be addressed during your pre-treatment consultation.

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