Литий ионные батареи высокой мощности для двигателя bafang 8FUN 52 в (62254291542)

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The battery can use high-capacity ternary 3.7V 18650 21700 cells by Samsung/LG/Panasonic
- With Turn on/off battery power switch
- 4-hole battery mounting base plate
- High current 5A 3pin charge socket
- 5 pin for 40A discharge terminal
- Stronger battery plate

Product Description

Electric Bike Battery Specification
Li ion 18650 Battery
Nominal Voltage:       
36V 48V 52V
Nominal Capacity: 
Max Charge Voltage:
52V battery for 58.8V / 48V battery for 54.6V / 36V battery for 42V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 
52V battery for 39.2V / 48V battery for 36.4V / 36V battery for 28V
Continuous Discharge Current:  
Charge Method:       
Battery BMS:        
Intelligent charge discharge protection
Protection Function:    
Over Charger/Discharge, Short Circuit,
Over Current, Cell Balancing 
Working Temperature: 
Charge 0~45℃, 45~85%RH 
Discharge:-20~60℃, 45~85%RH

Detailed Images

DC or 3pin charge port & Battery Power switch
LED power indicator.1 red 3 green 100%,2 green 70%,1 green 40%
5pin discharge socket,30-50 A continuous high discharge

Discharge cable connector

JenteBattery Friendly reminder
30cm Anderson connector is selected by default for battery discharge cable connector.If you need a specific battery cable length and connector, please contact us. thank you——JenteBattery.com

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Warranty after sales

Jentebattery after sales mode
We have independent battery maintenance and after-sales service in Britain, the Netherlands, France, Canada, Australia, Russia and Japan. Maintenance personnel have rich repair experience, and battery maintenance generally takes no more than 2-4 working days. We deliver the batteries that need to be repaired through ups, DPD, FedEx and DHL. If the battery has quality problems during the warranty period, we will bear all expenses. If the battery has quality problems within three months, we will replace it with a new battery free of charge. At the same time, we support the storage of the batteries you ordered to help you maintain the batteries daily. You can ship quickly from the warehouse when you need it.

Why can we produce high quality batteries

Battery cell impact test

The cells used in the battery have undergone strict impact test to ensure that the battery cells are brand new. The battery cells will not catch fire or explode half an hour after impact.

High current overcharge over discharge

We will overcharge and overdischarge according to the specifications of each battery cell. Most battery explosions occur during
charging. We pay special attention to this test link. For each batch of order battery cells, we will test whether the cell safety
valve starts normally under overcharge environment. Whether over discharged cells will produce high temperature fire.

High and low temperature test

The battery cell will withstand 45-55 ° high temperature discharge. The cell shall be able to discharge normally, without short circuit and spontaneous combustion within the cell, and the capacity shall be greater than 99%. The battery cells shall discharge at - 15-20 ° low temperature, the capacity shall be greater than 80%, and the instantaneous starting current shall be greater than 5C

Jentebattery comprehensive test instrument

After the battery is produced through multiple processes, it needs to go through circuit test to detect whether the internal circuit of the battery is unobstructed and whether each function of the battery is normal. Whether the solder strength of cell connection bridge is qualified, etc. In addition, we will also test whether the core BMS function of the battery, the response speed of charge protection and discharge protection, and the cell balance function of BMS are normal.

Complete battery cycle test

After the completion of battery production, the final whole battery will be charged and discharged at a high speed to ensure that
the cell bridge inside the battery can withstand a long-lasting high-temperature current. The battery shall be continuously
energized and not at high temperature during discharge. Battery capacity output reaches 99.5%.The battery BMS shall work normally during discharge and charging to protect the battery.

JenteBattery Vibration test

Test whether the battery function circuit inside the battery case is welded firmly. Whether the battery pack is firmly fixed in
the battery case. There shall be no abnormal noise during battery vibration. After high-speed vibration, the external functions of
the battery can work normally. The battery packaging needs to be firm.

See “ www.jentebattery.com ” for more test

Jentebattery certificate presentation

Quality wins the market and quality creates brilliance.

About transportation

Shipping by Train, Car, Ship, Plane
We can send batteries in more than 80% of countries. There will be different transportation modes according to different countries. Our delivery methods include DDP, DAP, CIF and EXW. The modes of transportation include express (5-7 working days), air transportation (11-13 working days in Europe, Canada, 7-10 working days in the United States and Australia), sea transportation (30-35 working days), automobile (30-35 working days) and train (25-30 working days).


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