GAX UF7 5 1 Аудиопроцессор для караоке система оптовых

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GAX-UF7 5.1 Audio Processor For Karaoke System For Wholesales

Main Features

  • New 7-channel Blueteeth mixer built-in wireless Blueteeth / DSP reverberation effect / equalization / K-song anchor.

  • Fully supports digital products with audio interface such as mobile phones, computers, OPAD, etc. It does not need to plug in an audio connection line and directly wirelessly recognizes the connection.

  • Each monophonic channel has its own 3-segment equalization adjustment, which can humanize the human voice at any time. It supports the U disk playback function and makes the adjustment more professional.

  • As long as the microphone is simply connected, the balance and effect on the mixer can be changed at any time.

  • Suitable for small performance/meeting/family use, etc.GAX-HT7 (5)GAX-HT7 (4)GAX-HT7 (6)GAX-HT7 (1)GAX-HT7 (2)GAX-HT7 (3)

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