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Описание и отзывы


Product Paramenters

FMVSS 302-1998 / UL94 HF-1

Heat Conductivity
ASTM C518-17
Temperature Resisitance

Water Vapor Transmission Rate
GB/T 26253-2010
ASTM C1371-15

① XPE foam has a water absorption of 0.01% and a thermal conductivity of 0.037W/mk;
It is lightweight and has a density of 25-333Kg / m3;
② The texture is soft and can be rolled up for easy installation;
③ Good ductility, the theory can be infinitely long;
④ Sound insulation can reach 19dB;
⑤ Flame retardant can achieve B1 level of building fire protection;

Products Description

What is xpe foam?
XPE is a chemical crosslinked polyethylene foam, with low density polyethylene resin and a crosslinking agent and foaming agent through continuous foaming and high temperature, XPE is chemically stable, difficult to decompose, odorless and flexible.

What is ixpe foam?
IXPE (Irradiation cross-linked polyethylene) foam is based on low density polyethylene as raw material, change to independent obturator meshed bubble structure by using electronic irradiation.
It can be compounded with aluminum film, aluminum foil, PE filmor other materials.

Closed Cell Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam has many good properties
* Acoustic insulation
* Corrosion resistance
* Cushion, buffer
* Lightweight
* Rebound elasticity
* Shock absorption
* Thermal insulation
* Waterproof, moisture-proof
* Weather resistance

Product Processing

Product Packaging and Shipping


Polyolefin Foam In Automotive
1.Product solutions in instrument panels, door panels, door armrests.
2.Lightweight product solutions for automotive vent pipes.
3.Headrest cover for PIP infusion foam technology.
4.Waterproof and soundproof car door membrane.
5.Foam products for vibration damping and sound insulation of cockpit front wall.
6.Solutions for ceiling products with excellent thermal insulation.
7.Automotive NVH product solutions.

Automotive NVH solution
XPE / IXPE in the car's front wall, floor,fenders, engine insulationpads, pad,.more than 30 parts to be applied, it can be solve the NVH problem well.

Company Profile


Main Products

XPE foam, IXPE foam, IXPP foam, conductive foam,anti-static foam ESD solutions.

3 Production bases

Shenzhen (head office) since 2002
Huzhou since 2016
Changzhou since 2020

39 patent certificates

National high-tech enterprise
Advanced production equipment

Excellent partner of HUAWEI

Strict quality standards set you at ease.
40 professional R&D team to meet your request.
Adequate inventory meet your needs in time.


ISO140001 TS1694 ISO9001 IATF16949


1.What applications could the XPE and IXPE foam applied for?
A lot. Automotive NVH; PE foam tape; Building insulation; HVAC insulation; Electronic; Sports protection; Flooring underlay;etc.
2.What are the differences between XPE and IXPE?
XPE is chemically cross-linked, with rough surface. IXPE is physically cross-linked, with
smooth surface.

3.Does the foam float?
Due to the closed cell structure, PE foam is a water-resistant foam.
4.Do you have fire retardant foam?
Yes, we have. UL94 HF-1; FMVSS302/ISO3795; BS476 Class 0

5.Does your foam work with adhesives?
Our foam does work well with adhesives. PE foam tape is one of the foam application
6.What is the thickness tolerance?
It depends on the density and thickness.

7.Is XLPE foam recyclable?
Due to it is crosslinked and close cell, it is hard to recyclable. But the wasted pe foam could be reused again, like to be remade
to be mattress, underlay, furniture filling etc.
8.What is the working temperature of the foam?
Maximum continuous operating temperature of o PE foam is between -40°C to 80°C.

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