Treno 9d vr, 720 градусов, симулятор полета, какамыны, аркадная игра для продажи (62386303521)

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Profitable 9D VR 720 Degrees Flight Simulator Cockpits Arcade Game For Sale


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Note: This equipment has VR version and screen version, this is Screen Version

Product Description

 Parameters of 720 Degrees Flight Simulator:

 Product Name 720° 9d vr flight simulator Type  DeepoonE3 /3 GLASSES
 Size 2050*2030*1930mm Net Weight 790kg
 Voltage 220V Power 2.5kw
 Player 1 player Games

 vr: 2 pcs, screen: 2 pcs

 Features Multi-versio, multi-angle rotation, vibration effects
 Special  Play with hand shank, Deepoon/3 GLASSES headset
 Warranty 12 months and lifetime technology support

 Bubble film + Stretch films + Hard wooden packing

 Payment T/T, Western Union, trade assurance, cash etc

 Shipped in 15-20 working days after 30% deposit (as the quantity)


Why Choose Zhuoyuan 720 Degree Flight Simulator?

Originality on composing transverse 360°+ vertical 360°to be brand new 720°motion simulation of flight trajectory!
2. Full-digital servo system, high precision, fast response, low latency!
3. Simulation drive cabin, immersive feeling of driving!
4. Vivid game scene, restored battle scenes!
5. Intelligent induction seat belts and arm safety bar
6. Compatible with vr Headset to play vr games


Our Services



1. Professional Product Selection Consultation for Free
2. Customize Store Decoration Design, Layout Design, Wiring Design for Free
3. Site Selection Consultation as well as Market Analysis for Free
4. Onspot Installation and Training
5. Free Operation and Maintenance Training
6. Marketing Activities Planning and Promotional Design Poster for Free
7. Professional Operation Manual and Employee Handbook for Free
8. One-to-one Follow-up Service for Free from After-sales Specialists
9. Software Upgrade Services for Free
10. Professional VR Store Operation Training Courses for Free
11. Movie Upgrade for Free
12. Regional Protection to Our Existing Customers




Company Information

    Established in 1999, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan (brand: FuninVR ) focuses on building profitable VR entertainment projects for our valued customers. With 30000-sqm ISO9001 certified modern factory and leading virtual simulation technology, as well as 19-years experience in machinery production, Zhuoyuan is specialized in providing one-stop offline VR solutions from product R&D, production, technical support to content development.

    40+ professional technical talents

    Top-notch talents from game and amusement industry, Sany Group, China Telecom

    Awarded with 100+ patents



Packaging & Shipping
 Packaging Details Bubble packing inside+Stretch films+Wooden carton packed outside
 Delivery Detail

 15 days



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