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Products Description

Silver coated copper powder
Silver coated copper powder overcomes the defects of easy oxidation of copper powder. It is good conductivity and high chemical stability.

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Product Paramenters

Product name
Particle size
Loose density
Chemical composition
Powder shape
Powder color
Silver coated copper powder
Ag: 5% 10% 20% 30%
spherical / flaky
orange with silvery white luster


Application field
Silver coated copper powder used in high conductive filler can be made into various conductive and electromagnetic shielding products,widely used in electronic,electromechanical, communication, printing, aerospace, weapons and other industries

Company introduction

D&D New material Company
D&D New material Company is an emerging and one of the most leading trade organizations. It was established by a group of prominent businessmen having more than 20 years of experience in the international trade and industries. We provide a comprehensive range of products, services and complete technical support. so we have much more advantages than other trading and China factories:

1. Saving money: we have HK company bank account and will save more tax part than mainland factory.

2.Much cheaper: We have many Chinese distributions and industrial resources, so our prices are cheaper than the general factory.

3.Save Freight: we have many various powder, so if u want many different kinds of powder we can help you ship together. Save your time and money

4.Best service: There are sales 24hours*7days waiting and follow you.

5.Customize powder: we will receive customized powder, if the standard powder cannot fulfill you, please show us your special requirements details, we will make it for you.

6.Safety. we have the safest sea shipment in the world. Safety is also the the most important part.

7.Future:We will develop into industry and trade integration, so we can provide better goods and better price to customer.


Q:What is metal powder ?
A:Metal powder is the metal particle swarm which particle size is less than 1 mm.Include single metal powder,alloy powder, and some refractory compounds with characteristics of metal powder.It is the main raw materials of powder metallurgy 

Q:What are the key properties of metal powder I should be concerned with when selecting one kind of powder for my application?
A:The key properties of metal powder that define their performance level for different applications include purity ,particle size ,impurity content ,and loose density.

Q:if I need some sample before a large number of procurement, how much free sample can you supply?
A:Usually we can provide 100-500g free sample.

Why Choose us

1.100% factory manufacture and factory direct sales

2.Competitive price and quality guaranteed

3.Small order is welcomed.

4.Sample free is available.

5.Different specifications(purity and particle size .etc) of the product can be selected.

6.Delivery on time.

7.We have more than 10 years of expericence in producing metal powder.

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