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   Low temperature Anti-Wear Electrical Combination Switch and Joint Lubricanting GreaseBX-450_01.jpgBX-450_02.jpg

Product Description


1. Excellent lubrication and high and low temperature performance, splendid bearing resistance and abrasion resistance.
2. Good anti-oxidation performance and corrosion protection as well as the ability of inhibit the growth of bacteria.
3. Excellent water-proof, provides permanent and stable lubrication effect in damp environment..
4. With outstanding anti-rust property, super long lubrication life, prolong the service life of the machine distinctly.


Test ItemsBX-450/C BX-450/C(2)
ColourTransparent yellow Transparent yellow
Base oilSynthetic oil Synthetic oil
Penetration310-340 265-295
Consistency value (NLGI)1
Working temperature℃-35℃ to +200℃ -35℃ to +200℃
Drop point℃250℃ 250℃
Copper corrosion (100℃ / 24Hrs)qualified qualified

Electrical resistivity 10-9Ω·m

2.1 2.1
Flash point ℃300℃ 300℃



Application Industry

1. Used for lubrication and protection of all kinds of toys,switches to household appliances,carbon brushes of micro motors,commutatores.

2. All kinds of switches and electrical contact surfaces.

3. All kinds of metal surfaces such as copper, aluminum and silver.

4. Compatible with all kinds of plastics.

5. Applied to maintenance and prevention to all of the electrical contact points in vulnerability engineering, both for stationary contacts and moving contacts.

6. Non-toxic, safty, meet with 17P, REACH and European RoHS standards.

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1. Prevent water and impurities during storage and transportation;
2. Do not mix with other type of grease;
3. Do not heat before using.
4. Keep in a cool, dry place.


Scope of application

Applicable to all kinds of switches and electrical contact surfaces, micro motor brushes and commutators.

Applicable to all kinds of metal and plastic materials.

 Suitable for bearings that require high or low temperature operation.

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