Инверторный бензиновый генератор постоянного тока/зарядное устройство для автомобиля кВт (62449335000)

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Product Description
Small Noise Portable 170LF3000C Gasoline Generator
Now electric vehicles (tricycle) is expediently for our live and work. It is clean, Energy saving and safe. Many electric vehicles and electric tricycle is more for our business work like transportation, it is very cheap running cost, as long as the battery power is full the electric vehicles (tricycle) can uninterruptedly running and take money to you. but as we know most of the time, there is a problem for the electric vehicles (three wheelers, two wheelers and four wheelers) that battery power will be consume till when running out of battery, they will stop work (can not keep going any more). And the whole vehicle is just like a pile of scrap after we re-charge the battery to get them moving again. But if there is no such a charging station (like our gas station) in the around area, how should we do? Right now, we can solve this problem by mounting a powerful charging system for electric
cars (three wheelers, two wheelers), which is called “Electric vehicles (tricycle) power charging generator system” with the mission of charging the battery of vehicles to repower it to get the vehicles moving again. Which really extends the way your electric vehicles (tricycle) can run and more, this charging system can keep the battery of vehicles in a good condition and pre-long the life the same. As for electric vehicles (tricycle) charging generator system it safe, automatic, easy use and installation to electric vehicles (tricycle) or other equipment.
How to install and works?

Electric vehicles (tricycle) charging generator system is use a gasoline engine drive a permanent magnet generator. Supply
stability and clean DC power. If you use this charging generator system, you never have any worry for you battery power. You can
extend your journey and work time,that will take money more for you

How to use it
1. installation our electric vehicles (tricycle) charging generator system to your electric vehicles (tricycle), connect the generator power wire to battery and control.
2. fill gasoline fuel to tank, fill oil to engine.
3. just easy start gasoline engine, then generator supply DC power to you electric vehicles (tricycle) for work and charging to battery at the same time.

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