Универсальный мини ручной токарный станок с разделительной

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Universal mini manual lathe dividing head with chuck for mill

Indexing Head mill.jpg

As one might expect from the name, the dividing head is all about dividing. Dividing is not about moving through a certain angle but is more about dividing a whole circle into a specific number of parts. The most obvious use of this is when gear cutting. The circle has to be divided by the number of teeth needed on the gear to be cut. (Of course, in reality, teeth are not cut – it is the space between them that is cut.) One tooth is cut then the workpiece is rotated by the required amount and then the next tooth is cut and so on till all of the teeth have been cut.

dividing head kit.jpg

Simple indexing

Most dividing heads have a built in indexing ring. This is fixed to the spindle. It has holes spaced round it and a pin mechanism to lock the spindle on any one of these holes. This form of indexing does not have to use the worm and worm wheel. These can be disengaged. The workpiece is free to rotate except where the indexing pin locks with the indexing plate. Of course the only numbers that can be divided by are numbers that divide into the number of holes on the indexing plate. But there are many times when this is useful.

The advantage of this is that it is much quicker than having to rotate the spindle using the worm and worm wheel. It is also possible to have the worm and wormwheel engaged and to turn it using the handle and then to lock the spindle using the indexing plate.

Whenever the spindle is locked using the pin and the indexing plate, the spindle does not need to be clamped.

Indexing Head manual.jpg

Whereas a rotary table is always calibrated in degrees round its edge a dividing head never is

universal dividing head.png

Universal Dividing Head

Order No.ABHhabgSpindle holeN.W



Order No.A1B1H1ha1b1g1



Number of holes dividing plate A,B,C

Plate A151617181920
Plate B212327293133
Plate C3739414347



Universal dividing head Factory

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