Оптовая продажа 24 Вт/м. K теплопроводность 96% оксид алюминия керамическая Изоляционная Пластина

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Wholesale 24W/M.K Thermal Conductivity 96% Alumina Oxide Ceramic Insulation Pad Plate

Product Description

1) LT240 Thermal Conductive Ceramic Plates




LT240 Alumina oxide ceramic plate has a high thermal conductivity : 24w/m.k, it is of simple construction and small volume, but it can resist acid and alkali corrosion, work in high temperature and pressure and of stable performance for a long time.0.635mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm can be offered for TO-220, TO-247, TO-264, TO-3P sizes, customized size is available, ROHS is compliant.



Typical Applications:  

IC, MOS, transistor, schottky, IGBT, high density switch power supply, HF communications equipment and brazing machine.


Physical Properties:

Test ItemUnit96% Aluminum Oxide
Water Absorption%0
Thermal Expansion Coefficient10-6/K8.5
Young's ModulusGPa340
Poisson Ratio-0.22
Bending Strength (room temperature)MPa310
Bending Strength (700°C)MPa230
Compression Strength (room temperature)MPa2200
Fracture ToughnessMPa'm½4.2
Thermal Conductivity (room temperature)W/m·K24
Insulation StrengthKV/mm10
Long-term Working Temperature1480
Ratio ResistivityΩ·mm²/m>1016
Maximum Service Temperature (no-load)1750
Acid-base and Corrosion Resistance-Strong

Standard Size     

TO-220: 18.5mm*12mm / 20mm*14mm ;  

TO-247: 22mm*17mm TO-3P: 25mm*20mm  ;  

TO-264: 28mm*22mm   With or without hole available ; 

Customized size available.  


2) LP900 Ceramic Heat Sink


LP900 is a silicon carbide ceramic heat sink and it belongs to the micro-hole structure. Under the same unit area,it can be more than 30% porosity, greatly increasing the heat transfer area with air to enhance its cooling effect. At the same time its heat capacity is small, its heat storage is small and the heat can be more quickly to the outside world. Ceramic heat sink main features: environmental protection, insulation resistance to high pressure, efficient heat, to avoid brewing EMI problems. So it can effectively solve the electronic and home appliance industry thermal and cooling problems, while it is specially for small and medium wattage power consumption, design space pay attention to light, thin, short, small products. What’s more, it can provide technical support and application for electronic products’ innovative and development.


Features & Benefits:  

The best electronic insulation and avoid the breeding of EMI problems Light weight book, high surface area, good heat radiation, no heat, heat fast Resistant to cold and heat shock, easy to install, no long-term preservation of the quality problem.


Typical Applications: 

1. LED: backlight module 
2. TV: Thin LCD TV set top box 
3. Network equipment:  AP, Router, ADSL, Modern, S / W, STB Information Technology: M / B, NB, Video, Card 
4. Memory: DDR3-DIMM, SO-DIMM, SSD 
5. Power: Power module, power transistor


Physical Properties:

Test ItemUnitTest ValueTest Method
Color-Green/Dark gray-
Porosity%30ASTM C 373
Water absorption%15.77ASTM D 570-98
Mohs' hardnessN/mm²43957DIN EN101-1992
Flexural strengthkgf/cm²47.5CNS12701(1990)
Bulk densityg/cm³1.9ASTM C 373
Resistance Insulation181000VDC,1minute
Thermal ConductivityW/m·K9HOT DISK
Thermal Diffusivitymm²/s2.8HOT DISK
Maximum Operating Temperature<700-
Dielectric Withstanding VoltageKV7-
Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient441104.13ASTM C 372
Specific HeatMJ/m³K2.62HOT DISK
Main CompositionSiC90%↑-
Size mm 10×10/20×20/30×30/ 40×40/50×50/60×60 



3) LT1800 ALN Sheet



LT1800 Aluminum nitride conductive ceramic sheet has high thermal conductivity 180W/m-k,one of the highest thermal conductivity materials in metallic materials (7~10 times of alumina ceramic sheet). Excellent mechanical properties, good processing, high precision, smooth surface, no microcracks, bending, etc. Low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, reliable electrical insulation performance. Non-toxic, high temperature of 1800 degrees, oil resistant, chemical resistant, and similar to the thermal expansion coefficient of silicon, without hygroscopic property, stable performance and high reliability in high temperature and high humidity. Along with the microelectronic devices, the extensive development of the microelectronic equipment, the high thermal conductivity nitride ceramic sheet is widely valued and applied.


Features & Benefits: 

1. Extremely high thermal conductivity 
2. High temperature and high humidity 
3. Good insulation 
4. Good chemical stability


Typical Applications: 

1. Application of optical communication devices
2. High frequency microwave application

3. Power electronic components
4. LED industry 
5. Car electronic module 
6. The thermal module substrate


Physical Properties:

Property SortProperty ContentTest MethodUnitTest Result
Basic Properties            Appearance/ColorVisual-Off white
Water AbsorptionGB/T 3810.3%0
Dimensional ToleranceASTM D374mm≤±0.1
Thickness ToleranceASTM D374mm≤±0.05
Volume DensityISO 10545-3(2018)g/cm³3.3
Surface Roughness RaGB/T 13841μm0.25~0.5
WarpageASTM C485-2009length‰≤2‰
Mechanical Properties    Flexural StrengthGB/T 9341-2008MPa≥450
Modulus Of ElasticityGB/T 10700-2006GPa320
Moh’s HardnessGB/T 17412 8
Electrical Properties      Volume ResistanceGB/T 1410-2006Ω.cm≥1013
Dielectric ConstantASTM D1501M Hz8.7
Dielectric LossASTM D1501M Hz3×10-4
Dielectric StrengthGB/T 1408.1-2006KV/mm≥17
Thermal Properties    Thermal ExpansivityASTM D4535-13X10-6/℃4.4
Specific HeatGJB 330A-2000J/kg.k738
Thermal ConductivityISO 22007-2(2015)W/m.k≥180


Standard thickness: 0.385mm,0.5mm,0.635mm,0.75mm,1.0mm; 
Standard size: 50.8*50.8mm,76*76mm, 101.6*101.6mm, 114.3*114.3mm, 127*127mm, 140*190mm;
Customized size and shape is available.

Company Information

SHENZHEN UNION TENDA TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a high-tech enterprise which dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and sales of the thermal interface materials (TIMs). We have rich experiences in this field which can support you the latest, most effective and one -stop thermal management solutions. We have many advanced production equipments,full test equipments and fully automatic coating production lines which can support the production for high performance thermal silicon pad, thermal graphite sheet/ film, thermal double-sided tape, thermal insulation pad, thermal ceramic pad, phase change material, silicon caps, silicon tubes, thermal grease, bushing etc. UL94 V-0, SGS and ROHS are compliant. The TIMs are widely used for smart phone, LED light, power supply, laptop, tablet PC, household appliances and e-products. "Customer first, Sincerity based, Quality priority, Keep moving " is our operation principle, which help us build a first-class enterprise. Our priority quality is from on our scientific management model, professional technology and advanced production equipment. We are trying our best to develop the domestic and foreign market and build good business cooperation with you based on our reasonable price and high quality.


Packaging & Shipping




Q1:Can I get free samples?
A1:Yes,we are so glad to provide you with free samples.

Q2: Is there any discount?
A2:Yes,for larger quantity,we always offer better price. Q3:Do you accept custom orders?

Q3:Do you accept custom orders?
A3:Yes,welcome to custom orders.
Our custom elements including dimension,shape,color and coated one side or two sides adhesive or coated fiberglass.
If you want to place a custom order,kindly provide a drawing or inform me your ideas,please.

Q4:How about the quality guarantee?
A4:We will make 100% inspection before packing and delivery.
If there is any quality problems, we will take responsibility for it.

Q5:How to ship the orders?
A5:We will help to arrange transportation for you.
We can accept your own courier account,kindly tell us before shipping out,please.

Q6:What's the leading time?
A6:Sample order time 1-3 workdays,mass production time 3-5 workdays.

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