Дезинфицирующие таблетки/таблетки диоксида хлора ClO2 10% (CAS:10049 04 4) (62529139812)

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Disinfectant tablet/ chlorine dioxide tablet ClO2 10% (CAS:10049-04-4)

Product Description




Dry disinfection, kitchen, in addition to the swimming pool; swimming pool, indoor walls, floor space environment disinfection, sterilization, kitchen, air purification; swimming equipment supplies, such as towels, slippers, chairs, railings, etc. of disinfection and sterilization. 



1. The green environmental protection, non-toxic, without any side effects,

     and the organic matter in water reaction does not generate three chloroform induced

     (carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic substances), WHO (WHO) as A1 safe and efficient disinfectant;
2. The rapid and thorough sterilization. For a variety of bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi,

     including high temperature resistant bacteria can be completely destroyed in an instant;
3. The ammonia, sulfide, organic reactions with air or surface, effectively remove odor, odor;
4. The high purity, high activation rate, free chlorine and other impurities generated;
5. It is not easy to absorb moisture and liquid products after activation is not volatile, stable quality, long shelf life;
6. use of small package, transportation and storage more convenient;
7. less dosage, low cost.




NAMEchlorine dioxide tablet
CAS NO.10049-04-4
APPEARANCE white table
M.F. ClO2
Packaging & Shipping


50Kg PE drum or according to customer's requirements





For small sample order by air door to door express



For bulk order by sea





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