Ремонт легкой газовой турбины модели Solar Taurus 60

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Overhaul Service for Light Gas Turbine Model Solar Taurus 60

We can provide the overhaul service for the light gas turbine: Allison 501/T56, Spey, Avon, Olympus, LM1500, LM2500, Santurn20, Centaur40, Centaur50, Taurus60, Tautus70, Mrs90, Mars100, Titan130, SGT100, SGT200.


Progress in Maintenance of Light Gas Turbine

The factory is currently carrying out the maintenance of three light gas turbines, namely RR Allison 501-KB5, Solar Mars 100 and Solar Taurus 60.

(1)   In January 2018, the factory formally cooperated with CNOOC, taking imported RR Allison 501-KB5 gas turbine as a breakthrough point, and for the first time in China, it started the construction of a domestic repair line for imported light gas turbines. In June, the factory completed the repair of all parts of Allison 501-KB5 gas turbine, the first (2 sets in total) and passed the user review. At the end of August, the gas turbine was completely refitted, and a trial run was carried out in early September. At present, the factory is carrying out secondary decomposition and troubleshooting after the trial run. It is planned to carry out a formal trial run in mid-October and hand it over to the user for use after the trial run is qualified. During this period, more than 10 research projects including remanufacturing and repair of compressor blades, turbine blades, combustion chambers and other key components were completed independently.

(2) Progress in repair of CNOOC Solar Mars 100 gas turbine: breakdown and troubleshooting have been completed, and the repair plan has passed the user review; Most of the component-level repairs including the first and second turbine rotor blades of the gas generator have been completed, and the first turbine rotor blades of the power turbine are being repaired. It is planned to complete the assembly of the gas turbine in mid-October.

 (3) In cooperation with a domestic gas turbine plant, the decomposition and troubleshooting of the U.S. Solar Taurus 60 gas turbine is being carried out.

  1. preparation of process documents Starting from March 2018, the factory officially started the preparation work for the repair of Allison 501-KB5 gas turbine. According to the "501 Gas Turbine Repair Quality Assurance Outline" and military aviation engine repair specifications, and in combination with the characteristics of Allison 501-KB5 gas turbine, the factory has compiled 47 repair process documents, including decomposition, troubleshooting, special process, repair, assembly, test run, etc., to achieve full coverage of all gas turbine parts.

II. the tooling equipment configuration We designed and manufactured 29 sets of equipment and 206 special tools.

III. Personnel Training All repair personnel for gas turbine products need to be trained and qualified, and 118 people have obtained repair qualification licenses.

 IV. Quality Control According to the requirements of "501 gas turbine repair plan" and "501 gas turbine repair quality assurance program", the factory has reviewed the trial repair process of 501 gas turbine, evaluated whether the process meets the requirements of the quality assurance program, and ensured that the repair work is strictly carried out in accordance with the quality assurance program and factory procedure documents, is stable and controlled, and seeks for weak links and continuous improvement. A total of 52 problems and 11 suggestions were found in the audit and were rectified respectively.

3.1 Allison 501-KB5 Repair/refurbishment

Components repair

 Over 80 parts of compressor unit, combustion chamber unit, turbine unit and accessory unit were decomposed, cleaned, inspected, repaired and tested, and over 10 research items on remanufacturing and repairing of key parts were completed.













Mars100 Repair/refurbishment

CNOOC currently has the largest installed quantity of Solar series gas turbines in the United States. due to the impact of large environment such as international trade, the gas turbine service provided by the United States to CNOOC can no longer meet the production and operation requirements of CNOOC in terms of price and cycle. In January 2019, CNOOC cooperated with the factory and took the whole Solar Mars100 gas turbine as a breakthrough to seek to build the autonomous maintenance capability of solar series gas turbines in China. In February this year, CNOOC sent a Solar Mars100 gas turbine on Suizhong 36-1CEP platform of Tianjin branch to the factory. starting from March, the factory officially started the whole machine decomposition and repair work of the gas turbine.

At present, the repair progress of the gas turbine is as follows: the breakdown and troubleshooting work has been completed, and the overall repair plan has passed the user review; Repairs have been completed for most components including the first and second stage turbine rotor blades of the gas generator, the first stage rotor blades of the power turbine, and the remaining 10 repair items including the first stage re-assembly of the power turbine are being carried out. It is planned that the gas turbine will be assembled into a complete set in early November and the platform will be put back into trial operation in mid-November.






The model we have done

Light gas turbine

Solar 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 100, 130; GE LM2500, LM6000,SIEMENS EM85, EM610, SGT100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600

Heavy duty gas turbine

Frame 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 E & F Class,

Siemens /Westinghouse V93, V94,

PSM / Ethos Frame 9E,

MHPS Frame 701F




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