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Cheer Amusement newly combined amusement park indoor playground


newly combined amusement park

Toddler combined entertainment city

Children combined fun city 




This indoor playground has a floor area approx 150 squre meters and height about 7.3m. It's mainly composed of main play frame, toddler area, inflatable area, trampoline area and basketball/football area. This indoor playground is mainly designed for kids 3 - 14 years old. There are lots of good play activities involved in this indoor playground project such as Astra slide, ball pool, palm tree, bridge, web crawl, tube crawl and trampoline etc. This indoor playground can maintain kids especially bigger kids interest for a long time due to its attractive theming and good play activities of high adventure. Prices of this indoor playground is approx $55K - $70K excluding shipping and installation.




This is a slightly big indoor playground. It has rich and colorful amusement project. It can provide children colorful entertainment experience. It includes the jungle, animals, hut, slides, football basketball and so on project, the new joined the spinning tree,monkey  head and play and learn corner, they each other between separation and combination with each other, can let children experience a number of sports and life.

9 Soft Play EquipmentBeing the first and only manufacturer in China who satisfies both EN and ASTM standards, Cheer Amusement is dedicated to custom making various themes of indoor playgrounds, including JUNGLE, CIRCUS, ICE, OCEAN, SPACE, etc, all of which are specifically tailored towards its clients’ needs.


Recent years we have installed over thousands fantastic indoor playgrounds all over the world in a variety of venues, such as: Family Entertainment Centers, Shopping centers, Theme parks, etc. We will be always your best partner when it comes to designing and creating the most high-quality, creative, and safe themed indoor play centers!

Custom Indoor Playground

Cheer Amusement is a leading manufacturer and major standard-setter in the development of China's entertainment  industry, specializing in the design, manufacture and assembly of high-quality and affordable indoor playground equipmenttrampoline parksinflatable playground and water plays designed for commercial applications. We meet the Safety Standard EN1176-77 part 10, CE in EU and ASTM, CPSIA, UL94, NFPA701 in North America. We have built thousands of nice projects all over the world and enjoyed great reputation in this industry! 

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Cheer Amusement

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