200-450nm Spectrometers UV Lamp Radiometer UVB Tester UVC Meter OHSP350UVS

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Product Description

OHSP350UVS Spectrometer
UV Long Distance Measurement ,Germicidal lamp measurement .

The spectrometer integrates spectrum and irradiance test functions. It adopts USB connection to computer achieve remote operation. It is widely used in UV light sources, disinfection, light treatment, aging, flaw detection, lithography, and light curing. , Breeding, plant , solar UV index evaluation, etc.

Main functions and features:
1. Test Function: measure the relative spectral power distribution , peak wavelength, half-peak bandwidth, UVA (315nm-400nm), UVA1 (UV 320-390nm) , UVB ( 280nm-315nm), UV365 , UV310 band, UVC (UV254nm), total irradiance in any specific band,with high measurement accuracy.

2. The spectral analysis method is an ideal digital integration method, which is not affected by the spectral distribution of the measured light source and the response bandwidth function of the detector, it is the most accurate method for measuring UV irradiance.
3. The test data is displayed on a 5-inch HD touch screen. . Not only convenient for users to read data and view, but also effectively avoid ultraviolet radiation Impact on the human body.

Measuring Parameters
Irradiance Ee (mW / cm2)

Half width (nm)

Peak wavelength (nm)

Center wavelength (nm)

Centroid wavelength (nm)

UV hazard weighted irradiance



Blue irradiance

Green irradiance

Ultraviolet irradiance

Set segment irradiance

Integration time

Peak signal

Dark signal

Compensation level

date of observation

Test time

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