High Quality Plus C 1000 Features with Immune Support Supplement Regulate Metabolism and Maintain Normal Body Functions

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What is the difference between [Plus C 1000] and other products?
Plus C 1000 jointly developed by Malaysia’s Bio Life Neutraceuticals Sdn Bhd and the U.S. high-end
nutraceutical research team, is the only high-nutritional content supplement in Malaysia that combines
[Vitamin C & D], #only one sachet per day, enough to meet the daily intake of adults.

Two international patent recognition
PUREWAY C™️ is an #international patented, highly active ingredient that allows Vitamin C to enter the
bloodstream and cells at the fastest rate, #with 233% faster absorption than regular Vitamin C !

Magshape™️ is an internationally patented #microencapsulated magnesium that helps
#regulate metabolism and maintain normal body functions.

[Plus C 1000] Effective for:
✅ Enhancing immune function
✅ Repairing and stimulating cell regeneration
✅ Maintaining the metabolism and balance of calcium and iron in the body
✅ Strengthening bones and teeth
✅ Reducing atherosclerosis
✅ Reducing the risk of cardiovascular, chronic diseases and cancer
✅ Promoting collagen biosynthesis
✅ Skin tightening and whitening
✅ Delaying aging

In the current pandemic, take #high content of vitamin C and D, one packet a day without worry!

Vitamin C: boosts immunity and fights off viruses
Vitamin D: Reduce the mortality rate of Covid-19

Ingredients: Vitamin C 1000mg + Vitamin D 400iu + Magnesium 100mg

Product Usage: Mix 1 sachet into 100-150ml of room temperature water, shake well and consume.

Water is important to human health, there are essential health benefits from drink enough water.


Immune & Anti-Fatigue
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