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Chickpeas :-

Chickpeas Cicer arietinum L. are a type of legume in the same family as kidney beans and peanuts. The chickpea or chick pea (Cicecarietinum) is an annual legume of the family Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae. Its different types are variously known as gram or Bengal gram, garbanzo or garbanzo bean, Egyptian pea. Chickpea seeds are high in protein.Chickpeas contain a range of nutrients, including protein, which is necessary for bone, muscle, and skin health.The iron, calcium, and other nutrients in chickpeas can all contribute to healthy bone structure and strength. Chickpeas can play a role in the diet of people who want to prevent osteoporosis.To prevent high blood pressure, experts recommend limiting the intake of added sodium, or salt, and increasing the intake of potassium.The fiber, potassium, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and selenium in chickpeas all support heart health.They help control blood sugar. Both canned and dried chickpeas have a low glycemic index. This means that your body absorbs and digests them slowly.Fiber helps decrease the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. Chickpeas contain no cholesterol.Antioxidants help the body remove free radicals, and the selenium and beta carotene in chickpeas act as antioxidants.



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