Quality Frozen Sardine Fish.

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Sardine Shape Unique Characteristic


Sardine shape is small with flat body covered silvery, reflective, and large scales. Uniquely, in the middle of their belly there are scutes which are known as a set of specialized scales. Sardine fish is in fact a name for numerous types of small pelagic fish and although many species of sardines mostly found in Indonesia, Japan, India, and China, but a single sardine fish species dominate areas around California coast and English Channel.







Frozen Sardines
This handy 1kg bag of small frozen sardines is perfect for keeping the freezer stocked up and means that you can enjoy the fresh flavour of our sustainably sourced sardines whenever you want. These baby pilchards are oily fish, which means that they are rich in nutritious fatty acids and omega 3. As well as convenience, these small frozen sardines are excellent value. Defrost before preparation or cook your whole sardines from frozen; the choice is yours!






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