Kombu powder fine particles kelp meal top quality seaweed extract food

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(Product detail9)Powdered Kombu of Hokkaido

 We carefully processed Kombu into very fine particles so that the powder dissolves in the water easily without being clumpy.

 Kombu contains 6 times more calcium than milk so one of the most ideal foods for aged people and children. Kombu also contains a lot of basic necessary nutritions such as vitamin, mineral, iodine and calcium. Alginic acid is a sticky component of unique dietary fiber of Kombu and known to be having the function of discharging hazardous materials from your body. Kombu is noticed to eliminate radioactive materials such as cesium from your body as well.

(Ingredients) Hokkaido Kombu
(Shelf life) 365 days
(Package size) 50g, 1kg

(Recommended use)
(1) Fish: Put powdered Kombu with seasonings such as mayonnaise on the surface of salt/peppered fish and cook
(2) Miso soup
(3) Japanese style omlette
(4) Sushi vinegar (Mix with vinegar)
(5) Kombu tea (Dissolve in the hot water)

Brand name 
Processed Kombu (Kelp)
Product name 
Powdered Hokkaido Kombu
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Company Profile

We specialize in Kombu, which is a traditional food in Japan for many years. In Japan, Kombu is highly valued as food manufacturer, restaurant, and home use. You can get professional taste for a short period of time (5 minutes) even if you are first time user. The package is characterized by manga and English, easy to understand products information including how to use.
We are certified as one of the designated factories of Saitama prefecture for having superb techinique and being environmentallyfriendly. We keep actively develop new products to meet overseas demand.

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