Japan stability bidirectional automatic people uwb position sensor

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Product Overview


Products Description

High accuracy, stability, quality and reliable People Counting Sensor manufactured in JAPAN.
Camera (image capturing) and analyzing processor are combined into one unit, on-site system configuration is very simple, making
device management and maintenance easy.

Our products are installed in more than 100,000 well-known retail brands, commercial and public facilities around the world.

PALOSSIE AIO People Counting System
A simple system to count the number of people coming In and Out at the entrance. The sensor can detect people standing still and people moving about the counting area and can accurately count traffic during crowded times.

Data Integration
The traffic data can be exported in various transfer methods FTP(S)/SFTP(S)/HTTP(S)/MQTT directly from the sensor to integrate into your reporting/management software.

Web-based settings
The sensor settings can be made over web-based settings. This allows for efficient setup work over multiple stores.
A unique algorithm is used to capture the movements of the person and count them with high accuracy.
A single sensor is able to cover a wide area of space and can can count up to 8 directions for areas with more movement, such as corridors and escalators.

*Video images are not provided or stored on the actual system.

Model No.
W:193mm H:85mm D:34mm
φ120 mm Trunk:φ94mm Depth:66mm
Approx. 220g
Approx. 190g
Power Source
48 VDC (PoE: IEEE802.3af Class 0)
Ceiling Surface Mount
Ceiling Flush Mount
CAT-5 or higher, maximum wiring length 100m (109 yards)
Operating Environment
Indoor use: Temperature 0 to 50℃ 
Humidity 30 to 80% (Noncondensing)
Installed Height
Standard Mode: 2.3m to 4.2m 
Count Width:     1.8m to 4.5m (depending on installed height)
High Mode: 4.0m to 6.0m / Count Width 3.0m to 4.0m 
(depending on installed height)
IN / OUT / Multiple Counts *Person height : 1.2m to 2.0m tall
Count Data Output
Recorded Data
Stores past 30 days of data (one-minute increments) *MQTT data is not stored
Setup Tool
Web based Settings (IE/Chrome)

Company Profile

Count on us for your People Counting needs
Founded in Japan in 1966, we are a leading company in People Counting Systems, conducting in-house R&D, manufacture and sales.

With over 40 years of experience in the counting market we are dedicated to provide accurate and stable systems for our clients since counting data is essential data used day to day to make key management decisions.

Our products are installed in more than 100,000 locations in retail stores, commercial facilities and public facilities around the world.

We are looking forward to meeting global partners to integrate, grow and support people counting systems.

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