Semi Hard or Hard Best Quality Fresh Milk Huge Demand Oldest Mountain Cheese for Sale

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Semi Hard or Hard Best Quality Fresh Milk Huge Demand Oldest Mountain Cheese for Sale


  • Mountain cheese is a semi-hard or hard cheese, though the name can also be found on sliced and soft cheeses. Made of fresh raw milk, mountain cheese contains all the best ingredients from the wonderful mountain world, where cows graze on opulent alpine meadows, give the finest mountain milk and cheesemakers ply their trade. Mountain cheese has few holes at best and adds complete enjoyment to every meal. Its taste is determined by the herbs and mountain meadows where the cows graze in summer. The hay milk resulting from their winter feed changes the colour of mountain cheese, but does nothing to lessen its delicious flavour.Best served with the Gouda

  • Depending on variety and ripening time, mountain cheese is a spicily aromatic or creamy-mild cheese that can be enjoyed right off the loaf or on a sandwich. It can be used for gratinating and stuffing alike. Let your imagination run free when cooking with it. Mountain cheese fits in many dishes, from omelette, to pizza, salad, lasagne and meat rolls.









Product NameCheese
TypeMountain Cheese
Style Frozen
GradeFood Grade




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