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We are proud to offer you the maximum appeal of organic aloe vera.

Our aloe vera field is located in Harlingen, TX where is well known as origin or aloe vera field. We grow organic aloe vera without pesticides or non-organic fertilizers.
The company is a USDA certified facility.

Aloe vera contains 46 essential nutrients (amino acids, vitamins, and minerals), called the chain of life, butyric acid, which regulates the intestinal environment, and monosaccharides, which are polysaccharides and glyconutrients deeply involved in immune functions. Today, it is considered as superfood and there are many studies about Aloe vera.The research has shown that Aloe vera has many benefits,such as, anti-aging effects.
immune function and bowlmovement improvements, weight loss, allergy relief and many

Fresh aloe vera is harvested from our field, delivered directly to our facility, and processed. The factory is a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified which is used to control food safety risks by SQF Institute. We are also equipped with traceability for our product safety.

Please note that there is an expiration date.

Organic Aloe Vera Juice”HG”
raw materials
Organic Aloe Vera 99.815%
citric acid 0.15%
vitamin C 0.035%
To ensure product quality, a very small amount of vitamin C and citric acid (for ph adjustment) are added.

Product Usage

<Precautions for use>
•After opening the bottle, be sure to store it in the refrigerator and drink it within 5 days.
•Do not freeze or heat. Doing so may damage the container.
•If the product does not suit your body, please do not use it.
•Color and other characteristics may vary slightly depending on the harvest time, but this does not affect quality.
•Although the leaf flesh component may precipitate
However, there is no problem with the quality.


USDA Organic
Organic JAS certification
Canada Organic Regime
International Aloe Science Council Quality Certification
Safe Quality Food

Company Profile

The Best Organic Aloevera's Company

World-class organic aloe vera fields with four certifications.
Aloe Vera is grown organically, without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, on a group farm in Harlingen, Texas, the United States, a well-known aloe vera production area.
With a commitment to safety and quality, all raw material processing is done at local Group plants.
We have established traceability in order to deliver safe products.
We have acquired SQF certification, an international standard, to raise awareness among factory staff and standardize operations.

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