Combined air release non return stainless steel safety valve

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====The difference between usual Foot Valve and GROUND FOOT===
Usual foot valve is installed to tail of suction pipe, bottom of the pit and is always in the liquid.
Because the valve is under the ground, it is extremely difficult to maintain.
Removing and installing the valve, and lifting up and down of suction pipe, these cause wasting time and cost a lot.

The GROUND FOOT, as its name suggests, is installed in piping on the ground so we do not have to lifting the suction pipe any more,
and no removing and installing at all, every cost and time we have wasted is totally cut down.
Our patented special unit is so easy to maintain that you do not need to call plumbers, either.
Maintenance will be completed just to change the spare unit by only your one hand.

====THREE-M INDUSTRY’s GROUND FOOT 5 Advantages===
① No Air Bank Burn
With a special form of valve’s body, There is no entrapped air so that no more need to care about cavitation.

② Extremely Low Pressure Loss
Because of a its special structure of body, we achieved low pressure loss better than general foot valve.

③ Covered 1.0Mpa Pressure Resistant
Maximum design pressure is 1.0MPa. This can bear to unexpected sudden pressure increasing.

④ Easy Maintenance
Maintenance becomes extremely easy because of patented special unit its inside and setting on the ground gives you ‘no lighting up maintainable without detaching from the piping.

⑤ Silent Shut Structure
Spring power helps to close disc smoothly when the flow stops.

===Product Specifications===

●This foot valve is installed in piping on the pit.(Angle type check valve)
●A patented special unit its inside provides you easy and safety maintenance from the ground without any plumbing.
●Max. service pressure:1.0MPa enables you to use it for many purposes.
●Because of its special body form, there is no entrapped air inside, and enables extremely low pressure loss.
●You can choose other materials for packing and O-rings, such as FKM, PTFE, etc. as needed for fluid specification.

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===Overthrow your common knowledge of the maintenance===

Depending on the installation environment, maintenance of the foot valve, which was a day's work, can be done easily, quickly and safely with the "Ground foot valve".
The time, labor, and cost that have been taken up to now will be greatly improved.

Please use it in places where you are having trouble replacing the bottom type foot valve.
I'm sure you'll be amazed at how easy it is.

Company Profile

Three M Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of stainless-steel valves such as Strainers, Sight glass, Foot valves, Ground foot valves, Gauge valves, and Temporary.

As a valve manufacturer, Three-M industry Co., Ltd. continues to make great strides in the market such as Oil & Gas, Petro-chemicals, Food and beverage, Waterworks, and so on.

Our concept is to develop "the product the world needs now". We develop original and valued fluid control products. Please feel free to contact Three-M industry Co., Ltd. as we will be happy to striving to innovate best offer to you.

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