Wholesale white instant food Japanese fried rice with seafood

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We deliver processed frozen rice products that are handmade one by one with sincerity.
We use rice that has been carefully selected by professionals for its suitability for freezing.
The rice is cooked over direct flame in a gas oven to make it fluffy and delicious.
We also offer delicious fried rice, which is frozen in bulk to ensure that each grain of rice is crispy and delicious.
We also serve rice balls and okowa (rice ball made by glutinous rice) with plenty of stewed Hida beef.
Small and cute tenmusu made with refined broth and shrimp tempura.
One-hand food rice balls made with Hawaii's popular luncheon meat, Supamusubi.
We have a variety of processed frozen rice products like above,and we also support OEM products of this category.

Except for Fried Rice, all of our products are individually wrapped.
We recommend eating them as a snack when you are hungry a little.

Place of Origin
Brand Name
Nagoya Shokuryo Co.,Ltd.

Product Usage

Fried Rice

For microwave

Place fried rice on a plate, wrap and heat.
(500W 5 minutes, 600W 4.5 minutes)

In case of frying pan

Heat a frying pan thoroughly, add oil, and fry over high heat for 3-4 minutes.

Other processed frozen rice products

Heat in a microwave oven at 500W for approximately 1.5 minutes.

Company Profile

Our Strength and Our Solutions

1. High-quality Japanese rice with brand appeal (to meet needs for genuine Japanese food,sushi restaurants worldwide)

2. Easy-to-cook ready-to-eat rice products
Instant rice, retort-packed products, frozen sushi rice, etc.

3. Food products for health conscious consumers
Low-carbohydrate rice and gluten-free rice flour products, etc.

4. Products that can promote your company's uniqueness

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