Nyatoh timber skirting

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Price:RUB 56,981.96 - RUB 73,262.52
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Palaquium spp., Payena spp., Pouteria spp., Madhuca spp. (Sapotaceae)


400 - 1075 kg/m3

Natural durability:

Moderately durable to non-durable

Preservative treatment:

Difficult to treat

Color and texture:

The sapwood is lighter in color than and is only moderately sharply differentiated from the heartwood, which is deep pink-red or red-brown. Texture is moderately fine to slightly coarse, with straight to shallowly interlocked and sometimes wavy grain

Strength properties:

Ranges from moderately strong to strong, depending on the density of the material

Maching properties:

Vary with most of the lighter species being easy to saw and work, producing surfaces that are smooth or rarely rough in the radial direction. The heavier species are very difficult to saw, cross-cut and work while the planed surface is only moderately smooth

Nailing property:

Good to excellent


Dries moderately slowly to slowly with little degrade


Very popular as a furniture and solid door timber. It is suitable for high class decorative interior finishing such as panelling and partitioning. Other uses include strip and parquet flooring, ceiling boat decking, rotary and sliced veneers, plywood and pallets

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