Free sample transparent virgin plastic raw material white linear low density polyethylene PE granules LLDPE granules

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Free sample transparent virgin plastic raw material white linear low density polyethylene PE granules LLDPE granules 


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Chemical Properties of white linear low density polyethylene PE granules DFDA-7042 LLDPE granules
Name LLDPE Standard Q/DQ SHM 0010-2017
Grade PE-L, FB, 20D020(DFDA-7042) Lot NO. PE2018061202
Storage NO. 170-SP-80-12A Date of Manufacture June.12th, 2018
Analysis Items Unit Technical Index Analysis Result Test Method
Color Granules Pieces/kg ≤5 4 SH/T 1541
Snakeskin Pieces/kg ≤20 11 SH/T 1541
&Trailing Grains
Big & Small g/kg ≤10 1 SH/T 1541
Density g/cm³ 0.920±0.002 0.921 GB/T 1033.2
MFR g/10min 2.0±0.3 2.1 GB/T 3682
Tensile Yield Stress MPa ≥8 10.6 GB/T 1040.2
Tensile Fracture MPa ≥12.5 15.5 GB/T 1040.2
Tensile Fracture % ≥300 451 GB/T 1040.2
Nominal Strain
Haze % ≤14.0 8.9 GB/T 2410
Fisheye 0.8mm Pieces/1520cm² ≤8 5 Q/DQ SHM 0010
Fisheye 0.4mm Pieces/1520cm² ≤30 15 Q/DQ SHM 0010

 LLDPE has penetrated most of the traditional markets for polyethylene, including film, molding, tubing, and wire and cable.Leak-proofing plastic film is a newly developed LLDPE market plastic film, a large extruded sheet, used as a landfill and waste pool liner to prevent leakage or pollution of the surrounding area.Some of the film markets of LLDPE, such as manufacturing bags, garbage bags, elastic packaging, industrial bushing, towel bushing and shopping bags, take advantage of the improved strength and toughness of this resin.Transparent films, such as bread bags, have always been dominated by LDPE because of its better turbidity.

However, the blend of LLDPE and LDPE will improve the strength, penetrability, and stiffness of the LDPE film without significantly affecting the transparency of the film.Injection molding and rolling molding are the two largest molding applications of LLDPE.This resin superior toughness and low temperature, impact strength theory suitable for waste bins, toys and refrigeration equipment.In addition, LLDPE's high resistance to environmental stress cracking makes it suitable for injection molding LIDS in contact with oil foods, rolling plastic waste containers, fuel tanks and chemical tanks.There is a small market for applications in pipe and wire and cable coatings where LLDPE provides high fracture strength and resistance to environmental stress cracking.Between 65% and 70% of LLDPE is used to make thin films. LLDPE film has good thermal sealing property. As long as the minimum opening temperature is reached, it has good thermal sealing strength and strong sealing ability against pollution.

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