automatic corrugation line for carton box making high speed corrugated paperboard production line double wall flute machine

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Product Overview


WJ150-1800-5ply High speed corrugated cardboard production line , inclued: Hydraulic mill roll stand , preheater , single facer, bridge, duplex gluer, double facer, slitter scorer , nc cutoff , stacker, steam system, electric system, air system......
WJ150-1800-5PLY Automatic Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
1.Effective width:1800mm;
2.Design produce speed:150m/min;
3.Economic speed:100-120m/min;
4.Longitudinal separation accuracy:±1mm;
5.Cross-cutting precision:±1mm;
6.Speed the above targets required to achieve:effective width1600mm,Comply with the following standards and ensure the paper's; condition 175 ℃ heating surface temperature;
8.Top paper index:100g/㎡--180g/㎡ Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥8 (Water containing8-10%);
9.Core paper index:80g/㎡--160g/㎡ Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥5.5 (Water containing8-10%);
10.In paper index:90g/㎡--160g/㎡ Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥6 (Water containing8-10%);
11.Flute combination:customer chooes;
12.Steam requirement:The maximum pressure 16kg/cm2;
13.Common pressure10-12kg/cm2 :use4000kg/Hr;
14.Electricity demand:AC380V 50Hz 3PH (book for customer as country stardard);
15.Total power≈250KW ;Running Power≈150KW;
16.Compressed air:The maximum pressure 9kg/cm2;Common pressure4-8kg/cm2;use1m3/min;≈Lmin59m*Wmin12m*Hmin5m(The actual drawing to provider to provide audited prevail);
Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand 
1.The range of clamping paper:MAX1800mm MIN1000mm;
2.Clamping diameters:MAX¢1500mm
3.Main shaft diameter of paper holder
4.Air source work pressure(Mpa):0.4---0.8Mpa

5.lifting hydraulic cylinder:¢100×440mm
6.Clamping hydraulic cylinder:¢63×1300m
7.hydraulic station motor power:3KW

  • Pre-Heater

1.Effective width:1800mm
2.Diameter of preheat roller:¢900mm
3.Angle adjustment range:360°rotation
4.Angle shaft diameter:¢110mm×2
5.Steam temperature:150-180℃ 6、steam pressure:0.8-1.3Mpa
6.Equipment size:Lmx3.3*Wmx1.1*Hmx1.3 7.Single weight:MAX2000Kg
8.Working power:380V 50Hz
9.Motor power:250W short(S2)
Single Facer 
1.Effective width:1800mm
2.Operate direction:left or right(Determined in accordance with the customer's facility)
3.Design speed:150m/min
4.Range of temperature:160—180℃
5.Air source:0.4—0.9Mpa
6.Steam pressure:0.8—1.3Mpa
8.Corrugated roller:up¢320mm down¢316mm
9.pressure roller:¢324mm
10.Glue roller:¢242mm
11.fixed paste roller: ¢140mm
12.preheat roller:¢402mm

  • Bridge

1.working width:1800mm
2.operation direction:left or right(according to customer’s factory)
3.the highest height:4700mm
4.working speed:150m/min
up paper roller and tension roller: ¢130mm translation roller:¢180mm
5.Initiative tension roller ¢110mm guide paper roller:¢85mm

6.single facer corrugated paper lift motor:4KW (frequency)
7.Bridge adsorption fan: 3KW

Duplex Gluer
1.temperature range of the preheater:150—200℃
2.steam pressure:1.12—1.3Mpa
3.air source system:0.4—0.9Mpa
4.glue roller:¢269mm doctor roller:¢142mm
5.the paper roller:¢110mm
6.glue roller initiative frequency motor:3KW
7.glue amount adjustment reducer: 250W
8.pressure roller gap adjustment motor: 250W 380V 50Hz short
9.glue pump motor: 2.2KW 380V 50Hz

  • Double Facer

1.MAX.effective width:1800mm
2.operation direction:left or right(according to customers factory)
3.highest Mechanical speed:150m/min 4、temperature requirement:160—200℃
4.steam pressure:0.8-1.3Mpa
5.air source pressure: 0.6—0.9Mpa 6、6.Cooling stereotypes length:4m
7.Heating plate quantity:16 pieces
8.up drive rubber roller diameter:¢700mm 9.bottom drive rubber roller diameter: ¢400mm Wear rubber Outsourcing

NC Slitter Scorer
1.MAX working width:2500mm
2.operation direction:left or right(Determined in accordance with customer plant)
3.the highest machinery speed:250m/min 4.Mechanical configuration:Zero pressure line thin blade slitter scorer 5 knives 8 lines
5.The minimum width of the cutter:135mm The maximum width of the cutter:1850mm
6.The minimum distance between the indentation:0mm
7.Cutter wheel positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm
8.Row knife wire motor:0.4KW
9.Cutter wheel drive motor:5.5KW
10.Wheel drive motor:5.5KW

  • NC Cutoff

1.effective width:1800mm
2.operation direction:left or right(determined to the customer’s factory)
3.highest machinery speed:150m/min
4.Mechanical configuration:computer-control helical cross cutter
5.Minimum cutting length:500mm
6.Maximum cutting length:9999mm
7.Precision of cutting paper:uniform ±1mm,non-uniform±2mm
8.main drive motor power:18.5KW Full AC synchronous servo
9.Before and after feeding motor power:3KW(Frequency Control)
10.Lubricating oil pump motor power:0.25KW

Auto Stacker
1.effective width:1800mm
2.operation direction:left or right(Determined in accordance with customer plant)
3.MAX. working speed:150m/min
4.The maximum stack height:250mm
5.The maximum stack length:3000 mm

Detailed Images
WJ150-1800-5ply High speed corrugated cardboard production line , inclued: Hydraulic mill roll stand , preheater , single facer,
bridge, duplex gluer, double facer, slitter scorer , nc cutoff , stacker, steam system, electric system, air system......
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After Sales Service
 Training and Service
we are provideing free training in our factory or in user factory. like the operation machine,maintain machine and clean machine.
we will provide user manual and operation video for customer , customer only need as video to operation it will be run machine, easy and fast.
machine have whole life service, if any problems happens we will provice best service in any time!
Company Introduction
With 20 years experience of international trade and professional manufacture, plus a professional management and sales team,
Quanheng Group has been dedicating on the above field enthusiastically to offer our customers with advanced equipments,
competitive price, speedy delivery, and fully after service, so as to create value and winning power for our customers. Backed
with strong financial support, talented personnel, sound reputation and high sense of commitment, turnover of QH GROUP has been
rising rapidly and is heading to the future healthily and strategically. Businesses have covered CIS, Latin America, Middle East,
Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and many other markets.
We are specialized in manufacturing and export distributing of:

- Corrugated Cardboard Production Line (Corrugator for cardboard making),
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- Others Convertion Machines(folder gluer,laminator,stitcher,flatbed die cutter),
- Paper Making Machines(kraft paper,flute&testliner,coating paper,tissue paper),

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