YORK temperature sensor 025L02168-000 Original YORK Chiller Spare Parts

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YORK temperature sensor 025L02168-000



About our company:

As a professional supplier for HVAC spare parts,our product mainly used for chiller and refrigeration compressor,

such as filter,temperature sensor,pressure transducer,,electronic expansion valve,EXV cable,solenoid valve,mainboard,SCPM board,EXV board,fan board,ICVC,ISM card,guide vane motor,bearing,impeller,

motor,oil pump,oil heater,oil level switch,pressure switch,flow switch,O ring,repair kits, crankshaft,and so on.


Brief catalogue for York chiller spare parts:

York temp. sensor 025-29964-000,025W39721-001

York temp.sensor 025-30440-000,025-28935-000,

York temp. sensor 025-40334-000,025-32924-000,025-47673-000


York transducer 025-29139-001,025-29139-002,025-29139-003,025-29139-004

York transducer 025-29139-006,025-29139-007,025-29139-009

York pressure transducer 025-28678-001,025-28678-002

York pressure transducer 025-28678-006,025-28678-008,

York pressure transducer 025-28678-112,025-28678-113

York transducer 025-29583-000,025-29583-001,025-29583-002


York LCD display 031-01110-000

York display kit 331-01771-000

York power board 025-34111-000

York drive VS oil pump 024-36133-002

York main board 031-02430-001,031-01743-000

York micro board 031-01095-002


York VSD logic board 031-02507-000

York IGBT VSD power assy 031-02061-001

York SCR trigger board IGBT kit 031-02061-003

York SCR trigger board 031-02061-002


York actuator 025-17175-002 guide vane motor

York actuator 025-29657-001 guide vane motor

York shaft seal 029-22428-001,029W22454-000

York shaft seal 029-25041-000,029-22938-000

York shaft seal 029-22429-001,364-47950-000


York electronic expansion valve 025-41565-000

York electronic expansion valve 024-44027-000

York oil pump 026-32369-000,026-32387-000

York oil pump 026-31693-000,026-46645-002

York keypad 024-24606-000,024-30993-000

York keypad 024-30910-000,024-26108-000

York thrust sensor assembly 025-40496-000



 36838 32386 35601 32831 32841 32839 13508 14777 37563.jpg



For York chiller filters,we can provide:

YORK drier filter 026-32841-000
YORK inject filter 026-32839-000
YORK drier filter 026-37563-000
YORK oil filter 026-32831-000
YORK oil filter 026-32386-000
YORK oil filter 026-35601-000
YORK drier filter 026-13508-000
YORK drier filter 026-14777-007
YORK oil filter 026W36838-000

YORK drier filter 026-18328-000

YORK oil filter 026-43089-000


Product main features:
 quality and performance.

2.100% new condition and original.

3.Supported with experience technical 

4. Perfect after-sales service.

5.Customized produce with professional technical team.


Refrigeration compressor:screw compressor,centrigugal compressor.
Refrigeration units :central air conditioning,industrial refrigeration,low temperature cold storage.



Carrier,York,Trane,McQuay,Hanbell,Fusheng,RefComp,Bitzer,DAIKIN,Hitachi and so on.


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