XHBB128B multifunction transformer single and three phase transformer turns ratio ttr tester

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During the processing of the semi-finished products and the finished products in transformer production, the newly installation transformer before using, and according to IEC and national standard, the turns ratio or voltage ratio should be tested in the circle rate. Can check the correctness of the transformer turn ratio, tap-changer condition, whether short circuit between turs and whether the transformer can parallel run. Traditional bridge method is complicated, and can’t read the data directly, and you have to make conversion, the testing results are data of one phase. Turns ratio tester of XHBB128B type overcomes the shortcomings of traditional bridge method. The monitor adopts big screen with lattice liquid crystal, which has the function of indicating by menu, operating easily and directly. It finishes test of three-phase voltage ratio or turns ratio once, fast testing and high precision

Number of displayed bit
5 Bits
Output voltage
160V(AC power supply)
10V (AC power supply)
Automatic (DC power supply)
Measurement scope
Minimum resolution
Working power supply
Lithium battery(Optional)
Memory of testing data
50 groups
Working temperature
Relative humidity
≤80%, no dewing
Length 360mm × width 280mm × height 160mm
Net weight

(1) Instrument internal adopt precision three-phase inverter measurement power supply instead of the single-phase mains supply as measuring voltage, which eliminate the harmonic effect of the main voltage , more accuracy. If the working power supply is generator and its without any effect.
(2)Adopt 3 phase output voltage,3 phase input voltage and 3 phase measuring at the same time, can very easily automatic identification of transformer connection group 0 -11.
(3)Suitable for various of transformers, with the function of testing the Z type transformer.
(4)Using precision three-phase inverter power supply, has the high and low voltage reverse connect protection and transformer inter-turns short circuit protection, tap-changer protection and output short circuit protection functions, increase the stability of instrument.
(5)After inputting the rated parameters, can automatic measure transformer turns ratio, error and tap-changer points, especially for asymmetric tap-changer points, also can accurately test the position of the transformer tap-changer, can measure up to 99 points of tap-changer
(6)With 65K True Color Module LCD display, each operation step with English prompt, and the operation can be completed just by prompt and no need of manual.
(7)With Micro-printer ,USB and RS232 interface.
(8)With sealed water-proof and shock-proof sturdy hand-case, be suitable for field testing.

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