Royal Service HVAC Systems and Parts Controller Bacnet for VAV Terminal Units Box

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Product Overview



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Royal Service Group, founded in 1975, a multinational company, a leader in HVAC industry, providing world-class products and services, equipped with one AHRI standards laboratory, one VAV training center, 4 production bases, 28 practical patents, 45 years international engineering experience.


Royal Engineering Service


01. Design and consulting service

1. Design of air conditioning (HVAC) and automatic control system, construction and final stage refinement of projects

2. Program planning of air conditioning and automatic control system, load calculation, equipment specification and construction drawing

3. Engineering quantification, budget estimation and tender document compilation.


02. Engineering Construction Services

 1. General contracting of air conditioning and automatic control system VAV and BMS system,  

 2. Professional project management of VAV engineering.

 3. Design and reconstruction of existing air conditioning system


03. Commissioning Services

 1. Commissioning of mechanical and electrical engineering system

 2. Commissioning conditioning or automatic control system

 3. Commissioning of VAV air conditioning and its automatic control system

 4. Balance of air and water science system


04. Operation and Maintenance Service

1. Maintenance service of air conditioning system

2. Professional maintenance service on air conditioning and automatic control system

3. Regular maintenance and diagnosis for air conditioning system

Royal Service HVAC Systems and Parts Controller Bacnet for VAV Terminal Units Box

Product Description

 Modbus VAV Controller

1. Turn o 92 ele ctronic source and the electrical devices (e.g. heater, cooler) which will be connected before
installation and maintenance.
2. The installer must be a trained service technician.

- Power Supply: 24Vac
- 1 Heating or Cooling selected by BMS
- 3 stage Heating Digital output
- VAV Control for air ow (In/Out air ow tube connection) (For LN92 only)
- Modbus RTU RS -485 (supported baud rate 9600/19200/38400 bps )
- (1-127) slave addres s for Modbus
- Non-volatile memory: store all internal settings


- Supply Voltage : 24 VAC +/- 20% 50~60Hz
- Power Consumption: (TBA)
- Operating Temperature: 0 – 50 ºC
- Storage Temperature: -10 – 60 ºC
- Operating Humidity Range: 5 – 95 %RH non-condensing
- Terminal Block: 26-14 AWG wire



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Contack for More Specific Details







VAV Controllers (RSC-001/002-0 Series)
• The controller is integrated with the actuator and is easy to install
• Integrated BACnet MS/TP open communication protocol
• CO2 sensor can be connected through Al port
• Using smart phone NFC interface, debugging can be done without power-on.
• Use cloud services to optimize work efficiency.
• Embedded standardized control application, easy to operate.
• Equipped with optional temperature control panel for pressure-independent room temperature control, VAV control and on-demand ventilation control in comfort space.


RSC-001/002-0 Series Controllers
The controller is integrated with the actuator. Equipped with RSC-004-0 control panel for pressure independent temperature control and VAV control. Integrated BACnet MS/ TP open communication protocol. Embedded standardized control application, easy to operate.

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