Pomarina Cider from Spain - Natural sparkling cider [Sidra el Gaitero]

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Pomarina Cider from Spain - Natural sparkling cider [Sidra el Gaitero]


Crafted using traditional methods with a skilfully selected combination of varieties (Durona de Tresali, Raxao, de la Riega, Verdialona y Regona), harvested from our own orchards included in the ‘Sidra de Asturias’ Designation of Origin.

Prior to pressing, the pulp is cold-macerated for 12 hours, producing a must that is rich in aromatic compounds and characterised by its complex structure. Following slow, low temperature fermentation in stainless steel vats, it is clarified and stabilised by a process of tangential filtration.

The cider is carbonised by means of a second fermentation in pressurised vats (the Charmat method), using yeast selected in our wineries. Once the fermentation process is complete, the cider is filtered and bottled using an isobaric filling method in order to conserve the endogenous gas that is one of the hallmarks of our cider


1 BOX= 6 BOTTLES (75cl/bot)


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75cl BOTTLE. PDO "Sidra de Asturias".






Our story begins with a melting pot of events and people. People who embarked on a venture to plant apple orchards in Villaviciosa, who longed for a taste of their homeland, its customs and drinks from across the miles and a series of events that favoured sea trade from the Port of Gijón.


Since 1900, our cider mill has stood on the shores of Villaviciosa tidal estuary in La Espuncia. More than 40,000 square metres dedicated to the apple reception zone, the press rooms and the bottling and packaging lines. The company’s offices are also located here, as well as the building housing El Gaitero’s permanent collection.


The Cider Millprincipal-bodega.jpg


El Gaitero is produced in an Asturian cider mill boasting a long-standing tradition dating back over a hundred years, and where visitors can enjoy a unique tour and discover the secrets of the essential flavour of Asturias: cider. 


The history, dedication and passion that characterise this company can be sensed in each area of the facilities at La Espuncia. From the canigú – the reception area where the apples are delivered for pre-sorting and washing – and the Press Room – where the apples are crushed and the first juices extracted – to the bottling and packaging lines. Yet the true heart of Valle Ballina y Fernández is to be found in its four mills, known as Central, Provincial, Americas and the area housing the new stainless steel vats.

El Gaitero’s facilities at La Espuncia extend over more than 40,000 square metres on a strategically located site on the shores of the Villaviciosa tidal estuary. The hundred year old cider mill, declared one of the finest examples of Asturias’ industrial heritage, houses innovative state-of-the-art technologies. 

The Central Mill was the first to be built over a hundred and twenty years ago. Its three floors house 200 tanks of varying capacities: 90,000, 20,000, 10,000 and 5,000 litres. The Provincial and Americas mills, which also date back over a century, were built as a tribute to El Gaitero cider’s major importers both in Spain and America. Their names and coats-of-arms are engraved on all the tanks, which can hold 60,000 or 70,000 litres of cider.


The cider is fermented in these three areas, before being transferred for a final phase before bottling. The new mill has almost a hundred carbon steel vats that can each hold up to 56,000 litres. It is here that the cider is filtered for the last time using state-of-the-art cross-flow filters.


The 40,000 square metre site at La Espuncia also includes the company’s new offices, the building housing El Gaitero’s permanent collection and a tasting room where the thousands of visitors that tour the mill each year have the opportunity to sample El Gaitero’s finest ciders. 



To provide our customers and suppliers with products of the highest quality, based on the experience and tradition of a family business with a history dating back over a hundred years, combined with an ongoing vocation for innovation that began with the founding of the company in 1890, rooted in a sustainable, efficient and profitable business management model that contributes added value to all the Company’s stakeholders.



To lead through our expertise the production of ciders and other apple-based products, meeting and exceeding consumers’ expectations, as well as providing a benchmark for quality, delivering food and beverage products in line with market demand.



We uphold the values of our founders, which we consider remain fully relevant in the current scenario: strong local roots, responsibility and engagement with our geographical and human environment, and ethics in terms of our activity and family commitment.






El Gaitero is described as a cider of great effervescence and caramel sweetness with a slight astringency at the end, an authentic Asturian cider difficult to find outside of Spain, although with increasing exportation.


Sidra el Gaitero exports to all continents, thus marketing it in 40 countries. The famous cider in the whole world.






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Asturias is located on the north-west Iberian peninsula, at the very heart of Green Spain. It is home to over a million inhabitants and is one of the 17 Autonomous Communities that form the state of Spain. It is a member of the European Union and a member state of the Euro Zone.


The climate in Asturias is Atlantic, with mild temperatures throughout the year. With 354 km of coastline, it naturally lends itself to being an ideal place to visit and live. The region is characterised by its extraordinary natural beauty, with breath-taking beaches and vast wooded areas, with a third of the land declared a natural protected area.


All these components make Asturias a “Natural Paradise”. Asturias also offers an excellent quality of life, with bustling cultural activity, a rich artistic heritage and ideal conditions for playing a whole host of sports.


There are three branches of activity that produce around 87 % of the turnover in Asturias and 82 % of industrial employment:

- Metal Industry

- Extractive industries, energy and water

- Food and agricultural industry



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