Дефлектор струйного взрыва Madec Si & Si, дефлектор забора [Silen & ЕМА]

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"Madec" Si&Si Deflector Jet Blast Deflector Fence


Our fences against jet blasts protects not only vehicles and equipment from the stream of gases expelled by engines’ planes but also people. It also acts as acoustic screen and so it diminishes the impact of the plane’s dangerous noises on human hearing system.


“Madec” Si&Si deflector, reduces blast speed up to 90% and redirects upwards (nearly vertical). It also accomplishes ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) recommendation on minimum visibility through it. So that users can see and prevent
every possible excessive approach of the planes itself or other vehicles.


Our blast fences are designed, built and proved for:

• Wide-body aircraft types.
• Jet blasts speeds ranging between 50 and 60 m/s and temperatures up to 60°C.


Data regarding planes and also location and conditions behind every deflector are taken into consideration in its design, manufacture and assembly in order to provide the adequate degree of protection.


Tolmien and Göertler models are considered in determining the jet blasts characteristics, because both have been widely confirmed for the jet engines gases unload on a flat and rough surface, as it is a non-paved soil.


Upwards deviation of the horizontal jet blast coming out from a plane engine interferes the part of the flow that eventually passes above the fence and so mobilizing air masses that deviates cool down and decelerate the jet blast.


The fence effect depends closely of its distance to the engines and the power regime of these ones.


The aerodynamical behaviour of the deflector has been analysed in the Test Bench for Aeronautic Engines Development of the Spanish National Institute of Aeronautical Techniques (INTA). It was proved that jet blasts fulfils the stable and laminar flow requirements once they have passed the deflector mesh cell.




"Madec" Si&Si Jet Blast Deflector Fences

  • It deviates upwards the exhaustion gases jet blast when the fence is crossed.

  • It scatters the gases jet blast Jet blast and diminishes the annoying low frequency of
    the noise’s spread spectre.

  • No any additional noise sources are generated during jet blast collision with the deflector

  • It can be more than 20 m height and they are designed, manufactured and installed accordingly with every particular location and its specific operating conditions.

  • It can be uninstalled and reassembled on other sites with a high degree of use of the components and without the requirement of special maintenance.

  • It allows enlargements without extra charges in the case of new operational necessities.

  • The “acoustic transparency” of the deflector barrier provides an additional security factor because no sound reflexions are generated at the rear zone of the plane.

  • Personal security is maximized once the visibility through the fence’s deflector mesh is made feasible, as it is recommended by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

  • Madec Si&Si barriers are lighter and so they are not only easier of manufacturing and assembling but also cheaper.

Jet engine fases flow behaviour








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Our silencers and acoustic enclosures provide a significant reduction in noise in industrial processes.


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