ASTM G65 High abrasion resistant wear plate parts for mining machinery

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Product Overview



 ASTM G65 High abrasion resistant wear plate parts for mining machinery

Product Description

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Chromium carbide overlay Wear plate

we can make: 
* Thickness: 3+3mm, 4+4mm, 5+5mm,6+6mm....20+20mm, 40+30mm etc
* Sheet size: 1400*3400mm, 1400*3500, 2100*3500mm etc
* Chemical Composition: C, Cr, Mn, Si, Fe etc
* Hardness: HRC 58-65
* Welding: Submerged arc & Open arc


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                Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Plates


Model Characteristics Hardness Chemical Composition (%) Operating Temperature
(HRC) C Cr Mn Si Mo+Nb Ni+V+W Fe
WD-1000 Common chromium carbide wear plate, suited for use in general wear applications involving low to medium impact 58-65 3.0-5.0 17.0-27.0 1.0-3.0 1.0-3.0 / / Bal. <400℃
WD-1200 High chromium carbide wear plates, Cr content is high up to above 40%,suited for use in severe abrasion applications, involving low to medium impact. 58-65 3.0-6.0 25.0-45.0 1.0-3.0 1.0-3.0 / / Bal. <400℃
WD-1600 Impact resistant wear plates, Independent R&D, suitable for medium to high impact. 58-65 3.5-6.5 25.0-45.0 1.0-3.0 1.0-3.0 * / Bal. <600℃
WD-1800 Heat resistant wear plate, heat resistance maximum up to 900℃ 58-65 4.0-7.0 25.0-40.0 / / * * Bal. <900℃
WD-NC100 Crack free wear plate, mainly used as housing liner and side plate in steel mill 50-55                
Other series Customized on request, special chemical element included for special abrasion fields /                
Sheet size:    1400*3400mm   1400*3000mm   1500*3000mm  1400*3500mm   2000*3000mm   2100*3500mm   Other on request
Base metal material:   Q235, Q345 and so on.  
Overlayer thickness: 3-50mm



Picture of Submerged arc welding plate:






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1. The overlay chemical composition is the key

The main ingredients of Wodon plates are C(%) :3.0-5.0 and Cr(%):25-40. This chemical proportion results in a large amount of Cr7C3 chrome carbide hard particles. The micro-hardness (up to HV1800) of these particles throughout the layer will guarantee a super wear resistant surface.


Performance test:

Test equipment: Quartz sand rubber wheel abrasion test machine.

Conditions: Choosing same dimension specimens for different materials and wear plate producers, and put them under the same wearing working conditions in our testing equipment.


          45 minutes for each specimen



Results: The test results show that the life span of Wodon wear plate is 2.5 times higher than domestic wear plates and 1.5 times than imported ones.


2. Chromium carbide microstructure

The wear resistance of wear plate depends mostly on the hardness, shape, size, amount and distribution of the chromium carbide hard particles.


As you can check on the picture, the carbide (Cr7C3) volume fraction on the microstructure is above 50%.


3. Bonding strength between the overlay and base plate.

The overlay and base plate are very well bonding. The overlay will penetrate into base plate about 0.8mm-1.8mm, reaching up to 350Mpa in our tests.



dparts application-1.jpgparts application-2.jpg

parts application-3.jpgparts application-4.jpgustry.

Company Information

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Tianjin Wodon Wear Resistant Material Co., Ltd. (China Wodon) is a manufacturing factory specializing in the development and production of wear resistant materials. We are headquartered in Tianjin, a port hub city in North China. There are over 300 staffs, including 30 experienced R&D engineers. Our main products include: Chromium carbide overlay (CCO) wear platesFlux cored hardfacing welding wires etc.

With independent intellectual property rights and a number of patents, we have a strong R&D and debugging team, which can provide customers with a streamlined service.


Since its inception, with the huge investment and independent technology research and innovation, Wodon has been taking the lead in providing premium quality CCO wear plates, hardfacing welding wires as well as excellent repairing technique, all of which win trust and acceptance from our clients worldwide. Meanwhile, the company also employs many experts and professors in the wear resistant industry as the companys technical consultant to ensure strong technical strength and production capacity, we are dedicated to providing quality and cost-effective wear solutions that completely fulfill the requirements of clients.


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Quality assurance

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 Quality Assurance     

Wodon has professional technicians and excellent engineers to make product quality improve constantly. Since its foundation Wodon follows the way of professional development and wins the market with its advanced technology development, perfect product quality and fully integrated services. We have kept long closed cooperation relations with Beijing Industry University and scientific research institutions like Steel Research headquarters and Beijing Electricity Research .


Quality Guarantee    

Wodon has ISO quality management system certification and execute all the contents of certification. We set up strict rules and regulations, process, and make specific requirements on each quality management from Inspection of raw materials into factory, product realization process, process inspection , final inspection, product protection, Incoming product management until final after - sales service.



Wodon has specialized after-sales team-work, can solve problems efficiently and quickly. If any problems, related persons will solve it within 12 hrs after getting notice from suppliers.


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