used 4 sets Log 250t High speed variable pump plastic injection molding machine used high speed injection machine

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machine model
LOG 250-A8 high speed injection machine  . special for thin wall products 
manufactuer date
2014. total 4 sets.
machine screw diameter
42mm , shot weight:291g
total power 

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Customer check machine in factory and our warehouse

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Algeria come to check machine
Customer come to check machine . not only care about machine condition, they also want to know machine configure , motor, Pump,PLC, we have duty let customer know all of detail informtion for machine
Libya customer check 6 sets SAM250
Libya customer come to Shandong factory check machine. Customer all all of machine with cheap price. wo are so happy and cooperate for many times. if you come, we have Surprised.

Tunisia customer check Haitian Ma2500
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Mr Isma direct To factory check Powerjet 380t high speed machine
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with customer

after check machine. Enjoy with customer
with customer in exhibition
welcome customer and cheers

our machine warehouse

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our used mold warehouse

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Loading machine for customer

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20 sets machine arrived in Saudi Arabic customer warehouse

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