Toolmore 120L Portable Electric mortar mixer machine

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Product Overview


Toolmore 120L Portable Electric mortar mixer machine 


Basic Specification:

 Drum: 120L 
Drum diameter:720mm
Voltage:  110/220/230/240V
Rotating speed :35rpm
Net Weight:120kg
Package size:760X930X1250mm
Loadability (40HQ)72pcs



Mortar Mixers

  The barrel of a mortar mixer doesn't rotate the way that the barrel of a drum mixer does. Instead, rotating paddles inside a stationary barrel create the mixing action. The paddles rotate on a shaft in the center of the barrel, and they're often equipped with rubber strips that scrape the mixture from the sides of the barrel as the paddles turn. These mixers work well with relatively smooth mortar mixtures, but they don't work as well with concrete mixtures that incorporate coarse aggregate. Large gravel can get clogged between the paddles and the barrel, and coarse aggregates can cause significant wear of the paddles and rubber strips.photobank-(6)photobank-(3)photobank-(4)

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