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Silicon carbide
Silicon carbide is made of quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal coke), wood chips and other raw materials through high-temperature resistance furnace smelting. Silicon carbide is also called moissanite. Among contemporary non-oxide high-tech refractory raw materials such as C, N, and B, silicon carbide is the most widely used and economical type, which can be called gold steel sand or refractory sand.

The role of silicon carbide in casting:

1. Silicon carbide in the castings has the effect of carbonization, according to the requirements of different manufacturers, carbon and silicon content of silicon carbide composite products can be allocate, generally low carbon and silicon carbide not make the iron carburization, and C 23% or higher in high carbon and silicon carbide, can make the castings to be carbon carbon addition, to be decided according to the manufacturer for the amount of general demand, in order to better guarantee the quality of castings.

2. Silicon carbide deoxidizer has the effect of deoxidization in the casting, silicon carbide ball in the melting can react with the oxygen in the casting furnace, so as to reduce the excess oxygen, in the melting and before the package can also play the effect of deoxidization, solid and reduce the generation of pores and slag.

3. Silicon carbide in the castings has the effect of inoculation: silicon carbide (Sic) particles and matrix interface bonding is good, the particles are around high density dislocation, crystallization and increased so that the grain refinement, and change the graphite morphology, shorter length of graphite, A type of graphite increases, d-type graphite decrease, eutectic group number and number of pearlite obviously improved.

4 silicon carbide in the place of ferrosilicon also has a certain basis, no matter from the application cost or from the use effect has a certain advantage.
The addition amount of silicon carbide is calculated according to the amount of silicon carbide that can be absorbed in molten iron by 1KG of casting silicon carbide of our company (the absorption rate is about 90%). A furnace of molten iron need to increase the amount of silicon calculation, it is easy to calculate the need to add silicon carbide. If the process conditions permit, it is better to absorb molten iron up to 1550 after 5 minutes of heat. Adding method with carburant adding method is basically the same, the calculation of accurate weighing good silicon carbide with woven bags, put into the furnace iron water,
cover material melting can be, but the order is in the addition of carburant.

Company Profile

Wuxi Huanjiang Burden Charge Co. Ltd.was established in 2000, located near the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal with a long history in China. Mainly engaged in ferrosilica, fermanganese, rare earth magnesium silicon alloy, inoculant, recarburizer, slag removal agent, iron sulfide, deoxidizer, thermal insulation covering agent, iron phosphorus, silicon carbide and other dozens of alloy materials. After more than 20 years of struggle, the company has established long-term cooperative relations with metallurgical, steelmaking and casting industries all over the country. We always adhere to the principle of honesty and mutual benefit. We
welcome friends from all over the world to contact us for win-win and common development.



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Q1: Are you a manufacture or trader?
A1: We are trader.

Q2: How are the products' quality?
A2: The products will be strictly inspected before shipment, so the quality could be guaranteed.

Q3: How to guarantee the quality?
A3: Our factory lab can supply the quality report ,and we can arrange third party inspection when cargo arriving loading port .

Q4: Can you supply the special size and packing?
A4:Yes, we can supply the size according to buyers’request.

Q5: What's the MOQ of trial order?
A5: No limit,We can offer the best suggestions and solutions according to your condition.

Q6: How long is delivery time?
A6: The delivery time will be determined according to the quantity of the order.

Q7: What are the payment terms?
A7: Usually T/T,but L/C are available for us.

Q8: Do you provide samples?
A8: Yes, samples are available.

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