Anaerobic Plant MBBR Media Specification Bio Filter

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Product Overview


HDPE plastic  mbbr biological filler for waster water treatment



Moving Bed Bio-film Reactor( referred to as MBBR) is a kind of new bio-film reactor has high efficiency ,strong ability to loading, high treatment efficiency, sludge age ,less residual sludge ,nitrogen and phosphorus removal effect is good, no sludge expansion, has been widely used in foreign countries; biological suspended filler is a core component od MBBR process; The development, production of high activity of suspended packing, is to ensure the effective operation of the MBBR process.









  • Project title,the amount of upgrading sewage treatment plant
  • New sewage treatment project of mbbr and baf process
  • Biochemical treatment of reclaimed water
  • River nitrogen,phosophorus remocal
  • Aquaculture in removal of ammomia nitrogen,water purification
  • Biological filler biological deodorization tower











  • Scientific formula and production technology, accelerating biological film formation.
  •  Large effective surface area, more biomass,obtain more microorganism.
  •  Easy flow ,high mass transfer eddiciency, by bio-film desomposing technology, saving sludge return process.
  •  High-efficency in denitrification and dephosphorization, improve the water quality.
  •  Lower energy consumption, saving space and shorten technology process











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