15m3/h Ro River/Well/Tap/Rains/Storm Water System of Membrane Filter with Full Stainless Steel for Food Manufacturers

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Product Overview


15M3/H(15000L/H) Ro River/Well/Tap/Rains/Storm Water System of Membrane Filter with Full Stainless Steel for Food Manufacturers

RO Technology Description

Reverse osmosis process uses semi permeable spiral wound membranes to separate and remove dissolved solids, organic, pyrogens, sub micron colloidal matter and bacteria from water. Feed water is delivered under a pressure of approximately 16 kg/cm2 through reverse osmosis membranes. Water permeates the minute pores of the membrane and is delivered as purified water. Impurities in the water are concentrated in the reject stream and flushed to drain. Reverse osmosis is capable of removing 90-99% of total dissolved solids (TDS), 99% of organic, including pyrogens, and 99%bacterials in the feed water.

It is effective to remove asbestos, many taste, colour and odour producing chemicals, particulates, total dissolved ions (calcium,magnesium,sodium,ammonia, boron, chlorides, manganese, sodium, ammonium ions...), turbidity and radium. 

RO system is widely used in water supply treatment, purification for tap water, and brackish water, pure water and ultrapure drinking water production, which can be the best choice for power stations, electronic industries,and medical residential areas. It is capable of removing more than 97% of total dissolved solids(TDS),about 99% of organic and bacteria in the feed/source water 

*Raw water Range we can do: Brackish water TDS less than 20000ppm, ground/well water, city water,rains,river/lake water ... or according to customer's requirements

*Capacity we can do;500lph,1000lph,2000lph,3000lp...50000lph,or according to customer's requirements

*Output water application:drinking/irrigating water, commercial bottled selling water,human consumption drinking water...or according to customer's requirements

How to get suitable quotation

Please send the following details to this supplier.
1.Your source water details(city water or well water,river/lake water....?). If well/lake/river water, do you have water analysis report for it? better to send water TDS/conductivity?
2.What's the capacity for the RO system you need? (we have experience from 500lph to 180000lph)
3.What's the output water application?(drinking water? irrigating water? food&beverage company......?

Product Description

15M3/H(15000L/H) brief details(for river/underground/city tap/storm water)
1.Electricity supply:110V,220v,380V-415v,450V,480V, 50hz,1 or 3 phases, customized
Total power:about 19kw ,customized
ab2.Capacity:Min 500lph, Max up to 100000lph
3.Membranes Quantities:according to capacity, DOW(Dupont) or Toray, Vontron 
4.Security filter:1 FRP material with 30 pieces 5 micro pp filter cartridges
5.Pumps: a) piece CNP Brand raw/feed water pump; b) CNP Brand CIP Washing pump; c)piece CNP Brand high pressure pump; d) SEKO
Brand anti-scale dosing pumps (Pumps have Grundfoss/Danfoss for optional according to customers requirements, but price will be
expensive than CNP)
6.Uv sterilizer/Ozone generator for optional
7.CIP washing system, anti-scale dosing system are options

Ro system technical parameters(for raw/well feed water TDS max 20000ppm)
Item Name
Raw Water Pump
Provide pressure for filters
Quartz Sand Filter
FRP/ Ss-304/316
Filtrate sediments...
Activated Carbon Filter

FRP/ Ss-304/316
Obsorb odor,  smell, color, irons, chlorine...  to make clear water
Anti-scalant chemical dosing system/Water Softener
Soften water, protect RO Membranes
Security filter
FRP/ Ss-304/316
Remove colloids larger than 5micro
High pressure pump
Provide pressure for Ro membranes
RO vessels &membranes
Remove dissolved ions,organic materia,bateria...
Solenoid valves, gauges,switch...
To protect the machine underoperation
CIP Washing system(optional)
Ss-304/ FRP/316
Membranes maitenance
Electronic control
PLC Program control system
Water quality detector,AC contacter,Air switch,indicator light,knob switch,electrical miscellaneous pieces...
Remove some baterial like coliform,pseudomonas aeruginosa...(Sterilization)

Detailed Images

15000lph=15m3/h Ro membrane water filter system

Main Features

Automatic Control Valves for Flushing

Just need to set the flushing time the first time you use the machine, then the machine will flush about 3 to 5 days automatically.

Mechanical Filters(sand/carbon): to further filtrate the particles, smell...organic impurities from your source water.Water Softener(Ion exchanger) can remove hardness(calcium, magnesium and other metallic(iron) ions from your source water, after the water softener, then you can get soft water.Besides, we can also add the iron removal to remove Mn2+,Fe2+, Manganese and Iron ions
Automatic valves: to set up the time of flushing and backwash it can wash the mechanical filters automatically. And the water softener filter regeneration can do automatically.

RO Membranes
Main Features
Original Dupont(USA)
Change time
1.5 to 2 years
Desalination rate
More than 97%
Best Anti-pollution and desalination ability.
Remove heavy mental iron more than 97%.

.Raw Water Pump-CNP/Grundfos
Pump water from the raw water pool, and provide pressure for coming filters(laminated filter, mechanical filters and water softener, Iron removal)
.CIP Washing pump-CNP/Grundfos
Clean the membranes when the output water production is not enough, an indicating the membranes are blocked
.High pressure pump-CNP/Grundfos
Provide pressure for the Ro membranes to pass the Ro membranes

PLC Touch Screen Panel--more convenient
Company name and logo design:customize as your requirements
Conductivity meter: display the conductivity of pure water
Flow meter :dense water and pure water flow.
Pressure meter:high pressure inlet and outlet pressure.

PC Standard Control Panel----Economic
Company name and logo design:customize as your requirements.
Conductivity meter: display the conductivity of pure water.
Flow meter :dense water and pure water flow.
Pressure meter:high pressure inlet and outlet pressure.

Whole system working process diagram in 10 inch touch panel

Advantages of our stainless steel welding-more sanitary without deep gap.
Our stainless steel welding-more sanitary without deep gap for the bacterial growing---see the above photo.

Anti-Scale Dosing System--Pumps&PE Tank
SEKO Italy Brand and highly automatically
CIP Washing System--Pumps&PE Tank
Clean the membranes when they are blocked..

Material Options

40000L/H(40M3/H),50000L/H(50M3/H) RO Water Filter System Successful Project, Fiberglass and PVC material+SUS-304/316

Small 4000GPD Full Automatic Flushing Valves Ro River/Well/Tap/Rains/Storm Water System of Membrane Filter with Water Softener FRP(Fiberglass)+U-PVC

Fiber glass tanks with U-PVC connected pipes
Suitable for more environments-, especially the wet/rainy weather countries.
Cheaper but good quality with food grade

Small Capacity 4000GPD Full Automatic Flushing Valves Ro River/Well/Tap/Rains/Storm Water System of Membrane Filter with Full Stainless Steel SUS-304 Material

The Front Sade of Full SUS-304 tanks with SUS-304 pipes
Sanitary grade stainless steel adopt the most advanced welding technology---The outer and inner side are the same smooth
The Back Side of 1000lph RO
SUS-304 security filter and high pressure parts and pipes

Main Features

1.Can run and produce water continuously, highly automatic 

2.No need chemical to regeneration,easy operation and maintainance\t
3.RO system uses imported USA DOW membrane\t
4.Automatic switch on when lack of water,and switch off when no water or full of water\t
5.RO membrane auto wash and reduce the pollution speed.\t
6.Low-pressure switch protects high-pressure pump from damage cause by water supply stops.\t
7.Production water conductivity meter monitors water quality online contionuosly.
8.Input water and dense water pressure meters, monitor the RO differential pressure and remind the time of washing.

Installation abroad

Manual operation
Operation and video
we will send the Manual operation and installation video together with machine.The machine is finished in our factory. You just install easily according to the video and Manual operation.

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