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                             Product Description                          

Winch is driven by mechanical power reel, winding rope to complete the traction of the device.It can be lifted vertically, horizontally or tilted to pull heavy objects.The electric hoist is composed of a motor, a coupling, a brake, a gear box and a drum, which are installed together on the frame.For the case of high lifting height and heavy loading and unloading, good speed adjustment performance can make the air hook drop quickly.Small speed can be used for materials that are in place or sensitive.
The common hoist tonnage includes: 0.5T hoist, 1T hoist, 1.5T hoist, 2T hoist, 3T hoist, 5T hoist, 6T hoist, 8T hoist, 10T hoist, 15T hoist, 20T hoist, 25T hoist, 30T hoist.



1.Excellent quality and competitive price.
2.excellent quality and performance

3.easy installation, operation and maintenance.
4.low noise and good working conditions.

5. Widely used in double beam bridge crane and gantry crane.

6. Compact structure and reasonable design.

7. Safety protection device.

8. Reasonable structure and convenient maintenance.

product show:


Common winch models have
1. Jk0.5-jk5 single drum fast winch
2. Jk0.5-jk12.5 single drum slow winch
3. Jkl1.6-jkl5 sliding and releasing fast winch
4, JML5, JML6, JML10 slide release type pile driving hoist
5, 2jk2-2jml10 double drum winch
6. Model JT800 and JT700 explosion-proof hoist
7, jk0.3-jk15 electric hoist

product parameter:



Detailed parameters of the winch

TonnageModelVelocity m/minBrakeMotor kwPull knWeight kg

rope capacity

0.5JK triaxial35-38Electromagnetic359080-120
JK triaxial25-28Electromagnetic359080-120
1.5JK triaxial25-28Electromagnetic7.515220100-200
JK triaxial35-38Electromagnetic7.515220100-200
JK four axis15-18Electromagnetic7.515300100-200
2JK triaxial25-28Electromagnetic1120270100-200
JK triaxial35-38Electromagnetic1120270100-200
JK four axis15-18Electromagnetic1120300100-200
5JK four axis22-25Hydraulic18.550900150-300
JK four axis12-14Hydraulic18.550900150-300
8JK speed regulating four axes6-8HydraulicYZR18.5-6801700200-400
10JK speed regulating four axes6-8HydraulicYZR22-61001900200-400

                                Product Details                              

1. Slow hoist: the hoist whose rated speed of wire rope on the drum is about 7~12m/min.
2. Fast winch: the rated speed of the winch using steel wire rope on the roller is about 30m/min.
3. Electric winch: a winch driven by an electric motor and driven by a driving device to drive the drum to rotate.
Speed regulating hoist: speed regulating hoist.
5. Hand winch: a winch that rotates the drum by means of a driving device driven by human power.
6. Large tonnage non-standard lifting machinery: mainly used for lifting, pulling, unloading, pushing and towing heavy objects.
Hoist is one of the main traction equipment widely used in lifting engineering, it has the characteristics of large traction force, fast speed, compact structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable.This crane is a standard product.Winches can be classified into the following types:
1. According to the power mode can be divided into manual, electric and hydraulic hoist.Electric hoist commonly used in lifting works.
2. According to the driving mode of electric hoist, it can be divided into electric reversible hoist (brake shoe brake) and electric friction hoist (friction clutch).
3. Electric hoist can be divided into single drum hoist and double drum hoist according to the number of reels.



1. Use the wooden box made of inspection free plates in line with export requirements, and use plywood with a thickness of 9mm-15mm.

2. The wooden box made of solid wood can meet the requirements of export through fumigation and detoxification.

3. boxes board joint is tight, the box board combination is smooth without dislocation, the cloth nail is reasonable, the reinforcement belt is not less than 2, to meet the requirements of the export.


Electric parts are packed by high quality plywood crate, to reduce distortion in conveying.

1.If the size of whole crane are suitable for container ship, usually by container.
2.If the size is too big, usually by bulk ship or by container after truncation.
3.Transport ways are based o reducing cost for you and keep the winch performance



                                   Our Company                             

Our company specializes in the production of various electric, hydraulic hoist;Single drum, double drum and triple drum friction winch;Fixed, mobile hoist, winch hoist, and customers according to the site tailored winch.As a company with rich practical experience and rich technical resources in the field of winch machines, we have been committed to providing customers with the most reliable products and the most intimate service. Our factory regards the product quality as the enterprise life all the time, obtains the long-term development by the prestige, the consummation examination method and the perfect quality guarantee system,lets each product all achieve the profession standard.Superb technology, first-class equipment, quality products,innovative science and technology concept is the source of enterprise life, but also to win the market advantage.





Q. What’s the information should I provide when inquiry?

A: Lift capacity

B: span

C: lift height

D: power source

Or other specials you give us will be more appreciated.

Q:How long will the delivery take?

 A:Quick delivery time.

Q:What about the quality of the winch?

 A:The quality of the winch is guaranteed.QC for each pc before delivery.

Q:Do you support small orders?

 A:Small order welcome.
Q:How about after-sales service?
 A:Nice after sale service.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Customer satisfaction is our biggest motivation!!!



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